From time to time we make giant strides forward in our desire to home school our children, and I reach the end of the day feeling like we may just be able to pull it off. Today was one of those days. I know it’s not really ‘schooling’ when your oldest child is three years old, but I think it sets a nice tone for what’s to come, and the way I’d be happy to teach the girls – through play, and engagement.

We’re planning on following along with the Summer Camp at Home schedule as set by Tiana at Two Cheeky Monkeys, who chooses a theme and posts her suggested activities that she will be following with her own sons every week. I loved doing it last year, because I found having a ‘theme’ to work with made it so much easier to keep busy and keep the children entertained, even if we didn’t follow everything, and often have to swap days around to make it work with our schedules.

So, today we started with week one:

  • Theme: Reptiles
  • Colours: Brown and Green
  • Shapes: Triangle and Circle
  • Letter: R


You can pop over to Two Cheeky Monkeys to see the plan for the whole week, but as Monday is our stay at home day, we did a lot of crafting.
We started with some letters, and while I wasn’t watching Ameli copied more than just the letter ‘r’. I was so impressed – more so that she actually knew what the letters were. I guess all that reading is paying off.

We decorating a paper snake, which we later hung up under the light fitting, so the ‘diamonds’ glitter.

Did you know that snakes don’t have ears, but hearing holes?
Did you know reptiles can have four or no legs?
Did you know they have scales, not fur?
Well, these were the talking points for our discussions today.

I also used the scraps from the triangle and circle cutouts (which I’ll use later on for Aviya’s colour and shape learning) for a DIY mosaic, which I thought is great for a bit of fine motor skill practice.

Tomorrow we have a totally unrelated field trip slash day out, but we’ve printed some free reptile colouring pictures to take with in the car for entertainment, and to continue on our theme.
Learning Points:



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