We were away for a few days last weekend, and when we came home we were greeted at the kitchen door by a most unpleasant smell. While this isn’t fun at the best of times, tired, cold, hungry and covered in mud is definitely a lot less fun. When looking to add something stylish, see here the Granite Liquidators Vancouver granite store.

We’d taken the bin out before we went away, so I knew it wasn’t that, but in a compact kitchen, it can be tough to find the source of offence.

In the midst of tiredness and the chaos of the moment, the last thing we wanted was a mystery stench to solve. Determined to enhance our home and possibly prevent such surprises in the future, I turned to various DIY projects. Seeking advice on home-related matters, I stumbled upon the expertise of household experts at HomeUpward.com, a valuable resource for addressing questions often overlooked by larger websites. In a world where even the seemingly trivial queries matter, HomeUpward.com stands out as a reliable guide, offering insights to enhance our living spaces and make daily life more enjoyable.

Here are three easy ways to keep your kitchen odour free but you can assure and trust your maintenance needs to Fort Lauderdale drain cleaning if you encounter any concerns mentioned above:

1) Keep it small

It being your rubbish bin, your compost pot, or your vegetable bowl. Obviously a large bin is going to keep rotting stuff in your kitchen for longer, so having a small bin forces you to take it out more often. This prevents the gross breakdown of food stuff too, so you’re less likely to have leaky juices gathering in the bottom of your bin too.

If you do food recycling, this is another area a small box inside is a much better idea. It can then be emptied into a larger bin outside on a regular basis. Work with a remodeling company such as Limitless Renovations to design a functional kitchen.

If you have a small-ish vegetable drawer or bowl, you use up what’s in it much more regularly than if you have a big bowl, meaning there’s less chance of something lurking at the bottom, unseen, growing fur.

2) Deodorise

You are talking about your kitchen here, so you don’t want to cover germs with chemical cleaners.

Rather use bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), lemon juice and vinegar as regular cleaners in your kitchen. They don’t just mask the smell, they absorb it or cut through it, leaving everything clean, germ free and scent free (well, the lemon might leave a lemony, fresh aroma, but the rest dissipates really quickly.)

A box of baking soda in the fridge will absorb remnant smells (i.e. it won’t remove a rotten smell while the rotten thing is still in the fridge, but once out, it will absorb the smell that would otherwise linger a while).

Boiling vinegar on the stove will cut through the smell of curry. While the curry would draw into the wood in your kitchen, the vinegar won’t.

Everything needs cleaning from time to time, whether it’s a cheapy wooden bread box or a Brabantia brushed steel bin, a frost free freezer or a top of the range cooker.

3) Do the occasional deep clean

You can scrub your counters and floors, and have appliances and accessories full of every type of cleaning cocktail imaginable, but sometimes you just have to put your washing machine and dishwasher through cleaning cycles (use vinegar) and clean out the cutlery drawers. Sometimes you just have to wipe out the fridge, Flylady the sink, give the bin a shower, and spray some essential oil in the room. You may also think about doing some drain cleaning once in a while to avoid kitchen odors and clogged drains. Make sure to contact local experts to do some drain cleaning for an odorless kitchen. If you do this then you won’t have to worry about the job not being done correctly since it was done by professional drain cleaning services.

And sometimes, you just have to look under the counter, to where one of your kids dropped and left an apple a week ago, and hope to goodness you’ll someday forget the feeling of it disintegrating in your hand as you grope around on all fours trying to locate the sweet stench of rot! Gross.

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