Don’t worry, this isn’t turning into a fashion blog, but having spent the weekend at Nozstock Festival with the children, and a lot of rain, I decided to make a list of clothes to take to festivals, specifically for children. While we’re not afraid of the rain, the inability to have a shower or generally roughing it, I don’t fancy ending up with sick children because I didn’t have the right apparel for everything the British summer throws at us!

There are two things I have learned about festivals: 

1) Pack light.

2) Don’t take anything you would be upset about losing.

Unfortunately, children don’t tend to come with ‘pack light’ at the best of times, but do what you can because you’re probably going to be lugging your stuff around quite a bit, and you can’t carry everything around with you all day, and will probably have to leave it in your tent, so if someone decides to have a riffle through your stuff, you don’t want to spoil your weekend with the theft of your valuables.

This being England, and summer, you have to pack for hot weather, cold weather and rain.  Here’s my list of what to make sure we have for each child:

  • One summery outfit per day. It will get dirty. Be okay with that.
  • One very warm item of clothing, like a poncho. Ideally something that can also be slept in if the temperature drops and it gets cold.
  • At least one cold weather outfit. Keep it simple, like tights, jeans and long sleeves, since you have the warm top too.
  • Something for very wet weather.  Propper Puddle Suits are ideal, as they are pretty waterproof when paired with wellies.
  • Wellies. I stood with mine in my hands before setting off for Nozstock, but decided to leave them and spent a lot of the weekend barefoot wading through mud! (which I loved, actually, but still!) The kids had their wellies, which made puddle jumping fun for them, and not a nightmare for me.
  • Closed shoes. Plimsolls are good, because they are light and if they get kicked off in the play area, it’s not the end of the world.  Flip flops or sandals don’t work that well, especially in wet weather. All the easier to end up with a face full of mud, m’dear.
  • Tents get cold at night, no matter the weather, just about. Add rain into the mix and a cold night can really wreck your weekend. Pack normal pyjamas, and put the ‘very warm’ item of clothing on before bed. With babies, use a gro bag or sleeping bag, and if you can find one for your older child, use that too. It keeps them snug as a bug.
  • Don’t forget underwear, nappies, nappy covers, and fancy dress clothes too that can be modified by wholesale screen printer. Loads of family friendly festivals tend to have a theme, like cowboys, pirates, fairies – get in the spirit and take a few bits and pieces with you. Hats work well, and serve a dual purpose.
  • Protective ear covers.
  • Not clothing, bug don’t forget a wet bag for particularly muddy or wet clothes.

What else do you take with if you take your children to festivals or camping?


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