Am I alone in feeling like every time I blink a day has passed? I just never seem to get to the end of the day feeling like I’ve accomplished everything I set my mind to. A fall-out from that is that the things I enjoy doing – like blogging – take back seat to things I have to do, with the result that I rarely even log on to my blog before midnight! And sadly, that means some of my posts are a lot later than they should have been. But, I’m trying folks. At least I’m in time for next year, huh?

Well last year we were in Australia and our advent calendar was a mix of activities and books:

Over the course of this year I’ve been collecting Christmas themed books, replacing some of the very baby books, and adding some longer stories that will engage Ameli more now. I’d certainly recommend doing it this way, because buying 24 books in one go could cost a fair amount!

This year I wanted to build on both the activities and the book aspects of our advent calendar, so I made both – an advent book calendar…

and an activity calendar. This took ages to put together this year, because I was trying to marry up activities with the books, so there was some link between them on days where we don’t have other activities planned, like selecting a Christmas tree.

We love Shrinkles*, this plastic ‘paper’ that you can draw on, cut out and then put in the oven and it shrinks to 7 times smaller and thicker, so you can make jewellery and all sorts from it. We used them to decorate our activity cards in the activities calendar.

I am really happy with our advent calendar this year! It’s perfect for our needs and I look forward to sharing our activities with you – if I ever get into a regular blogging routine again!

What are you doing for advent?


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