The most recent delivery from Parragon for our Book Buddies review is the Fire Station Activity Book and Playset. It arrived a few days before Christmas, and since we were a gift down we wrapped it up and popped it under the Christmas tree for Aviya (3 year old). On Christmas morning, when she opened it, she did look particularly underwhelmed, but then she’s never been particularly into fire stations.  When we actually opened it up, however, she loved it.

Fire Station  Activity Book and Playset

In the box there is a 32- page A5 sized activity book with puzzles, with a lot of ‘count to 3,4,5’ type activities. It’s a lovely little booklet, with full colours and bold pictures and everything that appeals to a toddler.

Along with that however, were three (or four, I can’t remember now) sheets of press out card cutouts that when built together, form a fire truck, a fire station, a bunch of fire men (and women), a fire house dog, a tree with a cat up it, and a fire hydrant.

Fire Station  Activity Book and Playset

These are all really quick and easy and quite self-explanatory to build into their pre-destined structures. In order to balance, each press out has two flaps that you open up in opposite directions to get it to balance as it stands. These don’t always balance well, which Aviya finds very frustrating, but it’s a lesson in patience, I guess, till she figures it out. Fire Station  Activity Book and Playset

The fire truck and fire house are pretty sturdy constructions, and live up to a three year old’s play time fairly well. I don’t suppose they’ll last forever, but I quite like that when it’s all used up and no longer playable it will be recycled, so it doesn’t end up as land fill, or clutter.

I think these make a great gift, as both a book and a play set, at about £12 RRP but you can find them for about £4.99, which is great value for money.

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Fire Station Activity Book and Playset {Book Review}

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