I’ve been cosleeping for over 6 years. When Ameli was born, I had a nursery set up on the other side of the house, where her crying wouldn’t disturb us in the night. Did she spend a single night in that room, once she was born? Not a chance. Within an hour of her birth, my baby and I were asleep in the king sized bed her daddy and I shared. And now, six and a half years on, with a dabble here and there in other beds – especially when a new baby joined the fold, we are still cosleeping – Ameli, Aviya and I, still in that king size bed.

But the time is coming where my girls are going to have to sleep on there own, because this mama, while I still love the cuddles, clings to the edge of the bed at night, dreaming of a time when I too, can be a starfish on my own again.

I keep going round and round the bed options in my mind – two single beds? bunk beds? or a small double bed?villa-885936_960_720

Since the girls have never slept alone, there’s a part of me that wants to keep that option open to them – either I can still crawl in with them, or they can share with each other, making a double bed a good option.

A double is also useful for when we have visitors. That way the girls and I can share for a night or two, and our friends can have a bed.

Bunk beds are a good option too, because it allows them space for play in their bedroom, which means the living area doesn’t have to be the primary play space. Capture

Of course, enough space for their own single beds is probably the ideal… but maybe they’re still young enough for me to get away with a shared space.

Either way, I can see a new phase of life coming our way soon. And while I’m excited at the prospect of being wholly autonomous in decisions about whether the blanket should be up or down, I do feel a slight pang at the passing of another milestone.

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Children’s Bed Options After Cosleeping

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