Next week is Road Safety Awareness week, and like all responsible parents (Ahem!), it’s a topic of learning that I take very seriously. I realized recently that while my children know to look right and left and right again before crossing the road, or to wait for the green man before crossing, we’ve never really done any serious ‘learning’ around traffic signs. It’s crucial for them to understand the importance of obeying traffic rules, especially as they grow older. Discussing these matters and perhaps even considering guest speakers or educational resources about responsible driving, including the role of drink driving solicitors, could be valuable additions to their road safety education.

I think there’s also value to learning through doing with mama, of course, but I don’t suppose it’s ever too early to learn about road safety with the help of road marking contractors.

But where do you start?

Road Safety Game


Well, I thought it might be a good idea to see what Ameli- my 7-year-old – already knows, and I found this free online road safety game that asks 8 questions accompanied by animations.

I switched the game on and handed it over to Ameli, who was keen when she realised it was more of a quiz than a game. It asks a question, then gives three possible answers. If the child chooses the right answer, it says so and confirms the right answer, for example:

Road Safety Game


There are some answers that could sound plausible, like when you get off the bus, one of the options is “talk to the driver”. This could be a plausible thing. My kids know to say thanks to the driver. But if they choose that option, this is the message they’ll get:


Road Safety Game

If they get a question just totally wrong, the right information is provided:

Road Safety Game

Something Ameli liked was that there was a bit of humour to the questions and answers. That helped her engage with the game a lot, I think. Road Safety Game

After you’ve played the game there’s the option to print a certificate, which you can then write the child’s name in.


This is by no means in-depth road knowledge, but it’s a fun introduction to a serious topic, and an engaging way to get the kids thinking about Road Safety Awareness. You can also sign up for Road Safety Week to get involved in the campaign and Think! offers free pamphlets and resources for families.

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