February Literary Celebrations:

The whole month might be about Haiku Writing, but the first week is about Storytelling – get everyone involved in making up and telling stories. For inspiration, make sure you pop into the library on ‘Take Your Child To The Library Day’ and find out if there are any events occurring in your area for Children’s Authors and Illustrator week (the 2nd week of Feb).  Draw a hot bath and read in the bath tub on the 9th, and show your library some love on the 14th. If you live in the surrey area and are looking for a hot tub you can go visit Allspa for some great deals. And don’t forget to gift someone a book between all the chocolate and hearts too!

The end of the month sees World Read Aloud Day – grab a box and perform your favourite passages out loud. Great way to meet your neighbours!

Whether it’s winter’s nights in with Little House on the Prairie or a walk through old England with Charles Dickens, or a journey somewhere far away with Jules Verne, there’s so much amazing old literature to enjoy in February. Don’t forget to tweet John Grisham happy birthday on the 8th!

And celebrate the other Grimm brother’s birthday on the 24th with a fairy tale or two. Stretch it out to the 26th to Tell A Fairy Tale Day, and maybe even include the Tooth Fairy on the 28th. I’m sure the dentists won’t mind!

It’s a really exciting month in the world of literature, but do end it with a fortunate event, this time – Lemony Snicket’s birthday!

February Literary Days

February Literary Month:

National Haiku Writing Month

February Literary Weeks:

National Storytelling Week

Children’s  Authors and Illustrators Week

February Literary Birthdays:

1 – Langston Hughes

2 – James Joyce

7 – Laura Ingalls Wilder

7 – Charles Dickens

8 – Jules Verne

8 – John Grisham

9 – Alice Walker

24 – Wilhelm Carl Grimm

26 – Victor Hugo

27 – John Steinbeck

28 – Lemony Snicket

February Literary Deaths:

9 – F.M. Dostoyevsky

10 – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Please Note: “National” may refer to the UK or US. In brackets after the name on the green squares is how old they would be at this birthday. If age is important to your celebrations, please double check!


February Literary Days To Celebrate And Observe

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