March Literary Days To Celebrate and Observe

March might be starting to smell a little like spring, but there are still a lot of indoors days for us, which means lots of time for reading and celebrating the voices that fill our book shelves.

The star of this month’s literary celebrations, of course, is Dr Seuss’ birthday, which happens on the 2nd of March. We always have lots of fun activities planned for Dr.Seuss’ birthday, because he’s such a fun person to celebrate. 

Classically speaking there are a few fantastic poets to look at this month, including Elizabeth Barret Browning, Robert Frost and Charlotte Bronte, while Douglas Adams is great for older kids, as is Alfred Hitchcock.

As a month, March offers March into Literacy Month, so it’s worth seeing if there are any events locally (check your libraries and books stores), and it’s also Read Aloud Month.

I’ve added a few extras here that aren’t technically literature related, but can quite easily involve books. For example, this list of books for kids on women in flight is perfect for Women in Aviation Week. Or work a visit to a butterfly sanctuary in with some books on butterflies on National Learn About Butterflies day!

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