We had loads of fun making cute little paper monsters for Halloween and even though we all followed the same instructions and used the same materials, I was so impressed how each of our monsters came together. I’ll put these on the windowsill to keep an eye on Trick or Treaters!Paper Monsters

To make paper monsters you will need:

  • One A5 sheet of coloured paper per monster
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Googley Eyes

Paper Monster Instructions:

Fold the page in half down the long side, then fold down a quarter or so (this will be the head, so the bigger it is, the bigger the head will be.)

Starting at the bottom, cut two rectangles to make the square that will be the feet, then cut squiggly lines along the open side. Not the closed side, or you won’t have a monster!

Open up the head fold and cut a shape, remembering that in the final product it will be upside down. 

Finally, open up your monster, turn the head down, and fold the ‘feet’ inwards. Draw faces, body parts, add some features, googley eyes,  we used Bostik glitter glue fort he dots and ‘fur’ on the bodies, and to glue down our googley eyes because they weren’t self-adhesive.

I think they’re pretty cute little paper crafts, and it was a really fun activity to do before Halloween too.

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