In a few days, the clocks will be changing and we’ll be starting the nightly drama of getting the kids to bed an hour earlier and we’ll all be a bit tired and grumpy.  In anticipation of this, Happy Beds have come up with 5 bedtime tips for making bedtime that little bit easier as we go into winter time.bedtime tips

 Plan days with heavy activity in the morning

Fortunately, the timing for this works out quite well with half-term – we can keep the kids up later this week and keep them busy, busy so that by the time the clocks change they’re wiped out. Keep the activity high in the morning and chill it all out in the afternoon leading into a calm evening and hopefully easier sleep.

Change bedtime to 10 minutes earlier each day for a week

If you’re one of those parents lucky enough to have an actual bedtime that you’re able to stick to, make bedtime ten minutes earlier each night for a week so that by the end of the week you’ve managed to ‘wean’ them to their adjusted bedtime.

Or don’t…

If you’re like me – one of the less fortunate souls who has an hour window during which bedtime may or may not occur, just go with the flow and let them adjust. Gird your loins, snowflake. Next week there’ll be a new drama for us worry about. Halloween induced nightmares, for example.

Watch the TV watching

Exposure to artificial light limits the production of melatonin, the key hormone in regulating the sleep/wake cycle. It may be tempting to pop grumpy kids in front of the TV for a little peace, but it doesn’t improve matters in the long run.

Keep an eye on food and drinks

Don’t let kids have sugary drinks or caffeine before bed. Hot chocolate is tempting on a cold night but all that sugar is more likely to give the kids an energy boost and keep them awake than help soothe them to sleep!

Hopefully, these bedtime tips will help ease you and the kids through the coming clock change.

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