As a parent you need somewhere in your home to relax, the living room which was once your sanctuary is now littered with toys and screen time, your bathroom – once a place for relaxing baths is now covered with rubber ducks and your relaxing soaps replaced with bottles of kids stuff – so there should be at least one sacred space in your home to kick back and relax: your bedroom.

After 8 years of co-sleeping, I decided that my bedroom had to become a grown-ups only space, at least for the most part.  No toys are allowed in my room, no playing is allowed to happen in my room, only the actual favorite creative projects with real meaning to me adorn the walls. To help you relax in your own bedroom, you should have a cooling and heater installation that will provide a comfortable temperature in your space.

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So how do you make the space you have for relaxation even more relaxing without breaking your piggy bank?

Calming Scents

It’s well known that some smells can help you relax and relieve some tension, the ancient practice of aroma-therapy uses natural scents to relax your mind and body to put you in a state of relaxation. So investing in something along the lines of a smell diffuser, a pot of potpourri or maybe a plant of lavender for your room to let the smell fill the room, also if you consume Delta 9 THC gummies and other products, these can make you feel relaxed as well.

Having nice relaxing scents infused with raw and original CBD super strength 30% CBD oil in your room will allow you to fully unwind in the short spaces of time you have to relax in and as an added bonus can help you sleep at night, allowing you to get more and better sleep.

New Homely Blinds

This may seem like a bit of a curveball, but a set of blinds can completely change a room and a blind like a roman blind will create a new homely feel to your room and make it more relaxing just from the aesthetic change, but where blinds really come in handy is when they have blackout lining. This basically blocks light from entering your room via the glass window, allowing you to create a nice dark environment all day, so if you get a free 20 minutes to relax at lunch time, you can easily fall asleep to have a rejuvenating power nap.


Houseplants are an excellent addition to any room in your home, but especially for a room where you want to relax. It’s been scientifically proven that having plants can increase your mood and happiness, as well as just being nice to look at, so in your bedroom sanctuary houseplants are a good choice. As you probably have limited time to tend to your plants however, it may be sensible to get some low maintenance plants such as a spider plants which which only needs to be watered occasionally, but are known to clean the air around them. Just make sure to clean the area around them to avoid getting bed bugs in your room.

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Create a cosy corner or hobby space

Once I’d moved the piles of ‘grown out of’ and ‘will grow into’ clothes from my bedroom, and had actually done that skip run, and dropped those boxes of toys at the charity shop, I had an empty corner in my room! I decided to put down a fluffy rug, buy a giant bean bag, and dig the soft blankets out of the blanket cupboard, for a mama-only reading corner. When I had 20 minutes to read a book, pick up a magazine or write a letter, I was able to plop down in a space that was ready and didn’t require me to first spend 15 minutes clearing things away and making space for myself! A few years later I took up dance classes and changed the space around so that the fluffy carpet became my dance practice space! Now when I want to spend 15 minutes stretching, I don’t trip over toys first – the space is there, and it’s mine – it only took 10 years, and suddenly I have real ‘me time’ again – me time that actually builds my fitness, my health and my passions, rather than just flopping down and waiting for the day to end.

And the good news is that if a single, home-schooling, self-employed mama can do it, chances are good anyone can!

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