2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most stress-inducing periods in working history with everything thrown into turmoil and leaving many of us having to adapt every aspect of our working life to get through it. Even I’ve had to look at other means of income as my usual revenue streams have been fairly dry. 

Towards the end of 2020, close to 200,000 people throughout the UK had been left with no employment and no backup plans to safeguard them requiring the help from foreign companies like this recruitment agency in Provo. Many people were quick thinking in taking online learning courses to help open new career paths. The old saying that a change is as good as a holiday was never more apt. 

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Successfully transitioning into a new line of work takes a lot of willpower, but also preparation. Looking at how the market has been affected for these careers is a major starting point. One of the biggest shifts in the world despite the economic bounce is that of smart meter apprenticeships, with the changing of meters due to be implemented nationally over the next year and a major shortage of the skilled tradespeople required.

Preparation comes from evaluating why you want to make the change also. Have you been wanting to make a change for a while, or is this a reaction to circumstance?

Finding Fuel to Start from Scratch

In order to fuel your growth, you need to look at the various factors that will keep your momentum going.

We all mourn that we don’t have things the way they were back in 2019, but identifying it’s a good opportunity to reflect on what in your ‘normal’ life made you happy, and what didn’t. What changes do you need for the life you want?  Nobody has their desired workload handed to them on day one, so expecting to build your business over extended time frames is going to play into your thinking. For me, it’s taken almost two years to get my editing business up to a liveable standard – and then only some months. My outdoor art business has suffered immensely due to three lockdowns, so you do need to weigh up the effects of circumstances on your businesses. You should then also have a good look at the businesses for sale listed at good business brokers, as there are some incredible opportunities that can be found. So just pick a great area like Key West in Florida, and find a great business brokers like Truforte Business Group who cover businesses in Key West in Florida, and you can then see a fantastic range of businesses that are for sale, along with lots of great information on those businesses.

How will this new career play into your new (ab)normal? Maybe you are more comfortable doing your work from home these days on your own timescale. By planning a focus for all of the factors, you can have a set goal that is realistic and accommodating to your new life requirements.

Realising the Skills You’ll Need

As we grow older we might need to work a bit harder to learn new skills. We don’t always feel the need for change or learning about the newest gadgets or fads. Compare credit card merchant fees to find the most cost-effective solution.

By understanding that you may be entering an arena where you have to acquire the knowledge to be successful you are sure to progress and prosper by being clued in. As the world evolves around you, you are going to need to evolve with it.  That often requires training and learning from qualified people. For example, you will need to attend Online CPC Classes and pass certification exams to become a certified medical coder. Or, you can be enthusiastic about the idea of, to quote my earlier example, smart meter installation but without undertaking green energy apprenticeships, you simply may not get the job. Or professional renovation training if doing up a house is your thing – it doesn’t matter what your interest, there’s something for everyone. 

Change takes time and at this point in our lives, change may take even longer than usual. Think smart, think ahead, and begin planning your future beyond lockdowns and restrictions.


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