With all the changes happening in a divorcee’s life, a career change is one that can help you take control of your future. But what jobs should you consider? Find out here…

After hours of working with a divorce attorney to finalize your marriage, it forces you to think about your life in a way you haven’t before. This new scrutiny can be a positive thing if you use it to make constructive changes. If you’re looking for a reputable divorce lawyer in Maryland, you may click here. You may also need the services of Crystal Lake child support attorneys if you have kids you want the full custody of.

A career change is often one of the best ways to improve yourself and put your life with your ex firmly in the past. If you haven’t managed to officially separate from your partner yet, speaking to your local solicitors, for example your London or Hounslow solicitors, for a divorce should be your first priority. Then, you can move onto the more exciting stuff!

In this post, we’re going to look at the benefits of making a career change. We’ll start with why you should do it, how you should approach it, and ultimately, what the best jobs are to head into. Take a look…

Why Choose a Career Change Post-Divorce?

Before we get into the how and the what, we’re going to quickly discuss the why to give you some extra reasoning for the big career change

Divorce is one of the biggest alterations to a person’s life, usually, it’s hard to reach a divorce agreement. Whether you were with your partner for 20 years and had children, or you just spent a few years together, everything will change, and you should embrace it. A career change might just be the way to do this. If you are planning to file for divorce, you may search the internet for an experienced family law attorney or divorce lawyer that can guide you every step of the way.

How Do You Approach a Career Change?

Wanting to start a new career is only the first step towards a career change. You also have to find something you actually want to do and convince someone to let you do it for them. Here’s our advice on how to approach a career change:

1. Evaluate what you want out of a job

Is earning enough money to support yourself or your family the top priority for you? Maybe you’re not too fussed about struggling a bit if it means you get to do something you actually enjoy. Evaluate what’s most important to you and look for a career that matches your goals. 

Also, talk to your friends and acquaintances about what they do, whether it makes then jump out of bed in the morning, and how they got there. Some of them might even have jobs open at their company and could put in a good word for you.

2. Create a CV and LinkedIn profile

If you’re currently working, you’ll need to dedicate some nights to restructuring your CV and creating a LinkedIn profile.

When you undergo a career change, you need to write a new CV geared towards that particular sector, as well as a cover letter for each job you apply for. These documents are your space to spin whatever work you’ve done to the requirements of the career you want.

LinkedIn has become a huge player in modern recruitment. It’s a sort of online CV/social network that allows employers to see your past work and discuss opportunities with you. Get set up on here, and start making connections, to get you started!

3. Study and learn

If you’re comfortable with the amount of money you have or you know you could live off part time work, you could study and learn for your given career change

Some apprenticeships and internships will pay you, so they’re a good option if you don’t have the bank balance to work for free for a while. Otherwise, the Open University has lots of great courses you can do from home, so studying at night is always on the table as well. And if you are interested in becoming an HVAC technician, visit HVAC Training HQ to get training and certification.

What Jobs Are the Best for a Post-Divorce Career Change?

Hopefully, the advice we’ve given you so far has helped you make the decision to change your career. The hardest part of a career change is deciding what you want to do, so now, you’re probably open to hearing some job ideas…

To help steer you towards your dream job and away from your divorce, here are our top divorcee jobs. 

1. Digital marketing

Considering you’re looking to mold your current experience into a new career, one with a wide variety of positions is a good choice. Digital marketing has some of the most versatile roles of any sector including market research and many more:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing 
  • SEO marketing
  • Digital outreach
  • Copywriting
  • Brand management 
  • Business analytics 
  • Web design

With COVID-19 forcing a lot of people to work from home, most of these positions can be done remotely. If you’re looking for a career change where you don’t even need to leave your house, then digital marketing, like the ones from Func, is a good choice. 

2. Business management

Business management is also a great choice for a career change as there isn’t too much responsibility to start with and it allows for entry-level management. Check out the experiences of studying mim in canada. The jobs in this sector include:

  • Computer systems
  • Human resources
  • Recruitment 
  • Owning your own business

3. Personal trainer

Being a personal trainer might be the furthest thing from your current career, but that’s the whole point of a career change! You can book yourself on an online trainer course and be certified in three months.

What’s really great about this is there are no entry requirements, and getting fit yourself is an added bonus. Obviously, you have to pay for the course, but once it’s over you could rake in the money and work your sessions around your home life. 

4. Teacher

If you have kids, you love working with kids, or hate them and just want to work with adults, teaching could be career change for you. No matter who you’re teaching, the job is incredibly rewarding as you get to make your students, and even yourself, smarter.

There are certain educational requirements to move into this career choice. That said, if you have a degree, or even just C’s at GCSE for English, Maths and Science, you can train to be a teacher and give back to your community. 

5. Estate agent

In terms of jobs that will yield a great salary, real estate agents have always been up there. In your first year you won’t make too much money, but the pay will increase the longer you work there, and you will always make commission on the houses you sell.

In this current crisis, more people are moving house more than ever, so there’s never been a better time to get in on the ground floor and make your commission. It’s also a rewarding career if you do it right, and try your best to match families with their perfect home. 

Is Changing Your Career Really the Best Thing to do Right Now?

Today, we’ve discussed why you should consider a career change after your divorce, some steps to help you get started, and a list of the best jobs for divorcees.

Many people are worried about moving careers right now with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the job market. This worry is completely understandable, and it might be best to hang tight for now and just keep your eyes open for your dream career.

We wish you luck in your career change!

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