Compared to the rest of the house, the bedroom is where people are the most vulnerable. It’s a safe space, and a safe space should be inviting and reflect your personal style.

With the new year right around the corner, we have 4 top bedroom trends you should consider following to improve your lifestyle.

1.  Comfort is Key

While giving the bedroom a unique style has benefits, you should always prioritize comfort.

Many people are hesitant when it’s time to buy a mattress. However, they spend at least a third of their life sleeping, so a suitable bed is essential. After all, a night of inadequate sleep can ruin the entire day. Doesn’t that warrant a good investment when mattress shopping?

With how convenient everything is online, you can easily have a high-quality mattress in a box delivered right to your doorstep without needing to worry about a complicated refund policy.

You can also boost your overall comfort in your bedroom by opting for plush pillows. You should also choose items that bring you emotional comfort. For example, you can hang pictures of your family, display your favorite books on a nearby bookshelf, decorate your shelves with Elite shungite or light your favorite beeswax candles as you get ready to call it a day.

2.  Colors Affect Mood

Colors can impact your overall mood when you enter a space. Many people gravitate toward earthy shades when decorating their bedroom. Usually, soft, neutral colors are used to create a calm ambience. However, what’s important is to do what feels right for you.

Also, don’t hesitate to experiment and have fun. Why not have a single wall painted with a bolder shade while keeping the rest of the room neutral? Not only wall paint but window shades, bedding, portraits, and nightstand accessories can be used to add bursts of color. Such items are easier to change compared to painting entire walls. A great example of a splash of colour would be a neon sign like the ones sold at Neon Mama which are easier to change than paint and can be a fun feature in a room.

 3.  The Correct Lighting

Making a statement through lighting is another trend in bedroom design. Some like it completely dark, some bright, and some want the perfect balance. Such levels can be achieved through proper lighting with the choice of a g4 led bulb.

The pandemic has led many people to work from home, especially by creating a small office space in their bedrooms. Some parents also buy a Flip chart board with wheels and use their kid’s bedrooms for remote schooling.

Layering lights has become essential to satisfy professional, academic, and personal needs. Layering lights allow you to change the bedroom lighting depending on what you want to do.

Begin by having ambient light as the foundation. Natural ambient light comes from windows, while artificial ambient light can be from ceiling fixtures or floor lamps. Opt for table lamps or place a bulb over the work desk for task lighting. Accent lighting can be through tape lights and creative fixtures.

Properly layering light won’t just make doing tasks easier, but it will also give your bedroom a personal touch. Also, don’t forget dimmers to get the perfect levels of light! If ever you will need professional help in installing your lightings, you can always visit a place like or contact electrical services for guidance and assistance. If you need a new outlet installation, professional electrical services can help you.

4.  Remember the Guest Room

With things beginning to get better as we move away from the pandemic, a bedroom trend for next year focuses on guest rooms. Your guests also deserve comfortable sleep and good lighting when they come over. Spruce up the room with artificial plants, colorful bedding, working HVAC systems, and a nice mattress. Perhaps add a fun toy if the guests have kids? Also, don’t forget to leave some closet space.

Wrapping It Up

The moment you enter the bedroom, you should feel relaxed. Whether you want to lay back and read a book alone or with the kids, check social media, or want to go directly to sleep, a properly maintained bedroom is required to get you to unwind easily. From selecting the right mattress to HVAC systems and hiring ac tune up services, try these bedroom trends out today. If you’re not getting cool air from your ac, call for an ac tune up today through experts like this Concord HVAC professional or call for ac repairs in Farmer City, IL if you need the help of air conditioning replacement services.

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