I made reference to our fantastic Christmas gift from my sister yesterday. She really outdid herself on this one!

She surprised us with a much needed bathroom make over for Christmas.

In our previous house we had two bathrooms, a lovely luxurious family style bathroom with services like shower regrouting melbourne, and a normal, functional room, with just a shower. Since we’ve been here, the bathroom hasn’t had too much attention from us, other than removing the grungy shower curtain and replacing it with a glass screen. Choose a glass door at the website of GSD. As you can see, not much to write about:











But here is what my sister transformed it in to, for under £200, and less than an hour’s work:











She’s got such good taste when buying bathroom vanities online, totally creative! She’s actually trying to start a business. I’m sure she’ll start adding more pictures to her website soon. I’ve been meaning to get a bathtub replacement for our bathroom and shower remodeling project, but I guess I’ll need to save a little more money to achieve that. For now, I’ll prioritize plumbing repairs and maintenance such as water damage restoration, septic tank cleaning, and other plumbing system concerns.

Well, that’s enough out of me. Now I’m off to have a nice relaxing bath while my baby sleeps and everyone else has gone to take advantage of the Boxing Day Sales.

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A New Bathroom for Christmas

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