Happy Christmas! Baby’s first…


Okay, I know… To Ameli, this was just another day, but for us, it was lovely.

We woke around 9am, probably the last time we’ll get to sleep that late on Christmas day for some time, and dressed her in her Christmas dress.Christmas-dress

Mrs. Claus, in the form of my sister,  had pretty much emptied Santa’s sack under our tree.treeI think she was happy, although she didn’t understand that these were presents for her (more about our lovely gift later!)pressies

Totally spoilt by her lovely Aunty.mrs-clausWe had a delicious meal with a Salmon starter.salmon

And a semi-traditional lunch, after which we were too full for pudding.lunch

We spent the rest of the day catching up with family on Skype.

What a blessed way to spend a day. Only 364 days to go to the next one.

Happy Christmas everyone. May God’s love fill your homes.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas! Baby’s first…

  1. Such a beautiful Christmas dress for little Kyra. She won’t “remember” it, but later they love to see those pictures!

  2. nana colleen

    Absolutely lovely. Thank you girls for being there for each other, that includes you Kyra (the glue)

  3. Beautiful x

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