If your week is as busy as mine, then well done for being here, and reading this. I’m sitting back, trying to catch up, briefly, and let you know I’ve not forgotten you. I have Christmas presents piled up around my feet and craft items next to me. I’ll have to keep this short, it’s definitely bed time for me.

I have mentioned before that I enjoy crafting, making cards and scrap booking my photo albums. As a result I have many bits of card, and leftover mostly used up sticker and stamp pads in my craft kit.

While wrapping presents I was searching for gift tags. I seriously searched high and low, and could not find any – so I decided to make a few.

It’s amazing what you can do with:IMG_0762

– Scraps of card
– Stickers
– Stamp pads and stamps
– Ribbon
– Scissors

Here are a few pictures of the gift tags I made. I am quite pleased with them!

So, without further ado, I am off to bed, before my daughter wakes in four or so hours for a feed.

IMG_0767Three things you didn’t know, which I’ll talk more about later:
1) December 21st is our wedding anniversary. This year was number 5
2) I believe that life starts at conception. If that’s the truth, our baby has been ‘alive’ for a year today, December 22nd
3) I finally moved Ameli in to a travel cot in our room as per my post “To cot or not to cot” – seems it was an easier transition for her than for me!
Anything you’d like to share? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Creatively Yours this Christmas

  1. Oh, I have a blog lined up for it, but she’s still in our room, just in a bigger bed. Couldn’t possibly put her in her own room yet… Enjoy waking up every morning to her smiling face in the crook of my arm too much!

  2. Wow – only a brief mention of moving to the travel cot? I moved Rome to his own room last week – though it was a pretty big deal. He starting sleeping 6 hours at a time – it was great. But we’ve moved his bassinet back for now.

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