Happy New Year!

My resolutions for this year can really be summed up in one word: Awareness.

I want to become more aware of my actions, and their consequences and live my life with eyes wide open, rather than just drifting from day to day. I suspect that will bring many changes. I’m ready for them.

As for measurable goals for the year ahead, I have three:

1) Clear the last of the debt.

We did exceptionally well on this one last year, making huge inroads and clearing four credit cards, so I know we can do it this year too, with some smart money management

2) Write the children’s story that’s been going round my head for a couple of years now.

I wrote the first chapter a long time ago. Time to pick it up and see how we go.

3) Become much more environmentally friendly in our home.

I’m going to faze out commercial cleaners and start using natural products, specially as my daughter starts crawling.

I’m also going to turn recycling from something we do when we think about it, to something we simply do.

I’m sure this will lead to other changes and discoveries.  I’ll keep you posted!

What are your resolutions for 2010? And if you don’t make them, what is one wish you have for the year ahead?


New Year Plans and Resolutions

  1. Happy, Happy New Year My Lovely! May all of your goals be reached as you travel this new road of “Mommie Hood”! I remain so amazed by you Luschka and I look forward to sharing in your life as this new decade lives itself out.

    Love YOU!

  2. I am terrible at making and keeping resolutions. My one from last year (I thought of this in the Spring) was to make our beds every day. I’ve kept up with that. Anything bigger doesn’t seem to happen.

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