All good things come to an end, and while our week started in Austria and moved on to Germany, it ended at home amidst a mountain of laundry and a lot of ‘to do’s.

Day 203 – Memories of the Sea

In a coffee shop garden in Austria, this is such a wistful picture – I’m sure she wasn’t, but it makes me miss the sea

Remember the sea
Day 204 – Graz, Ausria

Graz is a beautiful city. It has a huge mountain (from where I’m taking this picture) with a castle on it, overlooking the city. The strange looking blue thing on the left is a zeplin-style are center and the contraption in the middle of the river is a man made island with a restaurant and outdoor eating/concert area.  The city is now a world heritage site as a result of the ‘harmonious way in which architectures from different periods co-exist’

Graz, Austria

Day 205 – Dinner Time in Munich

This was our 4th visit to Munich, so we didn’t actually do anything touristy. We went to a very big supermarket and looked at the things locals buy, and how much they pay for it. (Germany gets so many more Lindt chocolate varieties than we do!) Afterwards we went for dinner and Ameli kept herself occupied with the coasters.

Day 206 – Going Home

On the ferry on the way home – 8 weeks is a long time for a baby to be on the road – almost a fifth of her life.

Day 207 – Paper Work

Arriving home after 1am, we unpacked and went to bed. I was up and out and at the council office by 8.30 the following morning, because our parking permit and vehicle tax expired and there were a few things at the post office for us. An admin day was not really what I had in mind for my first day back, but bills wait for no… woman

Admin Day

Day 208 – Laundry Day

Admin all sorted, it was time to get the holiday goods unpacked. Washing for three peole for about 10 days (we were able to wash once on holiday) is about 30 outfits – a lot of laundry. Add in towels, nappies and what was already in the basket – I did a lot of washing. Unfortunately, there’s no way to make that look like fun!

Day 209 – …

Surrounded by drying washing and exhausted from 8 weeks of travelling, and two days of hard work, this was a quiet day. I don’t honestly recall what we did, but I do have a vague memory of icecream.

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!

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