Ending a week of Baby Led Weaning posts, I want to share with you My Daddy Cooks.

Nick is a guy I really like, a dad I respect and a blogger who has made a fantastic career for himself. I followed Nick on Twitter for a while before meeting him at a food show in London. Nick also practised Baby Led Weaning with his son Archie, and he was one of my early encouragements in the practice thereof. We had just started on BLW, and Nick was so enthusiastic about it when we spoke, that I was more hooked than ever.

Nick and Archie have made a name for themselves by doing video blogs of themselves cooking in the kitchen – which is where I respect him as a dad. He really took an interest in doing something with his son, which is a legacy they’ll always share.

And not so long ago, their family grew, when his wife Jo gave birth to their daughter Matilda in a home water birth. There are so few ‘men’s accounts’ of home births around, that I thought I must share it with you. It’s a beautiful story, in two parts.

Jo was in total control. By about 12.20 she had disappeared off into an almost parallel space. Focused, intense, almost other-worldly. Some of her songs were certainly not from this planet. All I remember at this point was feeling very serene, very at one with the process. I was also in awe of Jo’s bravery. She seemed to be controlling the pain. She wasn’t panicking. She was following Jane’s gentle prompts. I sensed the baby was close.

This paragraph took me back to Ameli’s birth. The beauty of the moment. The calm. Read his story  it’s really beautiful.
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Friday Favourites – A Dad’s Homebirth Story

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