The day I found out I was pregnant, I started a blog, then called Diary of a First Pregnancy, writing weekly letters to my unborn ‘Button’. Today, of course, the blog is called Diary of a First Child, and Button is known as Ameli. I loved writing that blog, even through the dark days with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, bleeding, and living in constant fear of a miscarraige. I loved having somewhere to put down my thoughts, and still love the thought of Ameli one day reading it.

I know that for me, that first letter, culminating in a private letter while I was in labour and still recorded every month on the anniversary of her birthday, was an incredibly bonding experience. I never had the ‘I feel nothing’ moment some mothers feel when they first hold their babies. I fell in love with her at my very first scan (at three weeks, due to the bleeding) and when I saw a real little person in there at 13 weeks, I fell hard – in love, that is. I cried like you cry when you see someone you’ve longed for at the airport. Elation, relief and pure, pure love.

Which, I guess, is why this weeks’ Friday Favourite appeals to me. Daddy blogger Yuri from Urbanvox and his partner Hayley from Simply Hayley are expecting their first child – although they have three others between them – and Yuri recently started writing to Jelly Tot every week.

Here’s an excerpt from the latest one:

I wish I could spend more time just listening to your little noises whilst leaning my  my head on mummy’s lap and telling you of both of both things important and unimportant… Unfortunately life gets on the way and the time we spend together is never enough… Life is complicated out here… More so than it should sometimes… But rest assured that daddy will be here for you whenever you need me when you’re out.

I think it’s absolutely lovely to see a daddy getting involved with his unborn child, and I am sure that one day it’ll mean so much to the little Jelly Tot too.


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Friday Favourites – A Daddy Writes To His Unborn Son

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