Little Jet Setters Grab And Go Review And Competition


We’ve done a huge amount of travelling with Ameli. By her first birthday, she’d been to 13 countries, and we’ve managed to get together a good few tips for travelling with a baby.

Today’s giveaway is a very interesting concept in travel preparation and according to its manufacturers is everything you need to make travel easier.

Little Jet Setters Grab And Go comes in a self-contained package – one of those where once you’ve taken everything out you’re not entirely sure how you they fit it all in in the first place. It is convenient for  travel, packs quite flat so it won’t take up a huge amount of space in the nappy bag, for instance, and contains quite a lot.

The Grab and Go Pack really does contain a mountain of stuff.

There’s a soft toy which is small enough to be something to play with and cuddle up to without needing to book an extra seat. There’s also a travel toy clip, which is very useful little gadget if you don’t want to be bending down and crawling around under seats to find lost toys for your whole flight or journey.

There’s a reusable sticker play set and a reusable magnet play set. I was really surprised by these, and they definitely made the pack a winner for me. We’ve saved the sticker set for our next trip, but the magnet set went down really well. I didn’t expect my 18/19 month old to really care for it much, but it kept her entertained for ages. We actually just keep it in the car now for regular trips, and she loves it. The only down side is that the stickers themselves can get lost, but on the up side, the magnetic pad is travel toy clip ready.

For more ‘traditional’ entertainment, there are crayons and a doodle area – the actual ‘packaging’ of this set turns over to be a colouring in page, which I thought was pretty inventive. The five crayons are thin though, so weren’t ideal for Ameli, but then the packaging says it’s for children 3 and up, so maybe it’s fine.

For practical use, there are three disposable bibs.  Although I’m not much a fan of disposable items, environmentally speaking, these are definitely very useful on longer journeys. They are soft but very strong, and plenty absorbent. And way better than a wet or dirty top after a bit of turbulence or a bump in the road.

There are also disposable change pads – again, very useful – assuming you don’t have a change pad in your nappy bag already. Still, they make nice little ground covers, and are very good quality.

And then, there are all-natural baby wipes – ideal for travel, this smaller sized wet wipe bag is really useful too. They do say there’s no alcohol, parabens or SLS ‘s, which was a relief because companies tend to go for the cheaper things sometimes, and here they obviously haven’t. There are 20 wipes in the pack.

And finally, the After Mess Gel – while we don’t normally use sterilisers and sanitisers, I did find this really useful on a flight where getting up to go to the bathroom to wash hands wasn’t always possible. Of course, that’s what the wipes are for too, but as I say, I found this to be a good substitute for water.

So there you have it -  a bag, jam packed for adventure. Depending on the mode and length of your transport, you’ll definitely need to add a few more things, and it doesn’t replace all of your nappy bag – most notably the nappies – but I  think it’s compact size makes it perfect for specifically flying, as you have such cramped quarters, and can’t keep your nappy bag on the floor near you. This just slots in next to you on the seat.  Fantastic.

Available at Little Jet Setters for £19.99, you also have the opportunity to win one today. Just leave a comment below telling me what you like most about the set, and a winner will be drawn at random using The competition closes on the 6th of June.

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And the winner is Sue McCarthy

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168 thoughts on “Little Jet Setters Grab And Go Review And Competition

  1. Jasmine Collier

    It’s such a brilliant idea, so simple really, its a wonder it hasn’t been thought of before.

  2. Christina Cooke

    This is a very basic ‘like’ that I have about this set, but as a busy mum with four kids it’s so handy to have something that can all be packed away in a single neat bag! I’ve just followed you on Facebook too. 🙂

  3. Jenifer-Mary Pettitt

    We are going on holiday soon & the transparent bag would be so useful

  4. Victoria B

    I like the transparent bag so you can see where everything is. No more feeling around in the bottom of a dark bag for ages.

  5. Sarah Williams

    I like the idea of a travel toy clip, it would mean not having to reach over all the time to collect the favourite cuddly during journeys.

  6. hazel christopher

    looks fantastic my son would love it!

  7. Kate Strickland

    I like the sound of the magnet play set best

  8. molly stafford

    magnets and stickers are my favourites

  9. nikki

    The clip sounds fab…….as someone who has scrabbled around on an aeroplane floor (several times!) I think this would be brilliant!

  10. Adrian Clarke

    Fan dabby dozey!

  11. Sarah Adshead

    The disposable bibs are a fantastic idea for a flight, I’d love for these they look superb!

  12. Susan Willshee

    following diary of a first child on facebook. I love the profile photo – so sweet!

  13. Susan Willshee

    love the travel toy clip. Daisy has discovered how much fun throwing things overboard can be. Although it’s great for my waistline (all that bending to pick things up)it’s less fun when she loses her precious cuddly friends and spends the rest of the day sobbing.

  14. Kate Blakemore

    It all sounds great but the stickers and the magnets are a real winner for me- very popular with my little ones!!

  15. Maya Russell

    Have liked you on FB.

  16. Maya Russell

    Following Jet Set Mum on FB & left a message.

  17. Maya Russell

    I love the travel clip – great idea! We’re forever losing toys.

  18. Isabelle Smith

    The crayon and doodle area is really good, will keep them occupied on a long flight 🙂 and the cuddly toys are cute to have if they want a nap

  19. Leonie Sanford

    the toy clip IS A GREAT IDEA

  20. Helen

    Travel toy clip looks to be very handy

  21. Carolina J.

    I follow Jet Set Mum on Facebook and follow Diary of a First Child.

  22. Carolina J.

    Reusable sticker play set and a reusable magnet play set are such great ideas!


    the toy clip = brill idea

  24. laura hand

    What a great bag, everything you need for a journey in such a compact neat bag, and the toy clip is a life saver, no tears when fav toy goes missing

  25. Deborah Bird

    I love the way everything has been thought of in this little bag! Things to keep the kids entertained, and clean!
    I know my little boy would love this, he would find it very exciting to see what was in the bag!

  26. Joanne

    Everything in it is great, so it’s so difficult to pick just one thing. My favourite is the magnet set, as my little girl would have so much fun with this.

  27. Joanna Sawka

    It is smartly packed – perfect as a gift set

  28. Rachel King

    Following Jet Set Mum on facebook

  29. Rachel King

    I love the idea of the reusable magnetic play set – what a great, simple concept!

  30. Stephanie Clough

    It’s the re-usable stickers for me. My son loves stickers but once he’s stuck them somewhere that’s it for the sticker play. Re-usable ones sound fantastic!

  31. helen watson

    liked jet setters on facebook

  32. helen watson

    liked you on facebook

  33. helen watson

    It would have to be the size I like most. I think id keep one ready in the car and the pushchair just in case!

  34. Andrew Cakebread

    Magnetic play set is simply divine part of this well thought out simple play set to keep the youngsters busy and happy for hours!

  35. Donna Bailey

    Personally I think that the whole set is perfect but the travel toy clip is the real winner and anyone who spends most of their time on their hands and knees looking for the missing cuddly will fully understand where I am coming from lol!

  36. Hayley Fountain

    It has everything you need in one place x

  37. Katherine Coldicott

    Its like a little goody bag. The cuddly toy would be loved first.

  38. Michelle Kinsey

    I think the whole pack in general is an excellent idea, very easy to pick up and go. Everything is kept in one place and I assume it wont take up much room in hand luggage either. Brilliant.

    Twitter: @cheznal

  39. pauline

    I like the all natural travel products as I am sensitive to msny products. Would toddler be able to undo the clip? No, but it would keep him amused trying to for ages.

  40. Rachel Titley

    I am following Jet Set Mum on Facebook, and have written on their wall to say you sent me. I am already following Diary of a First Child on Facebook

  41. Rachel Titley

    The magnet play set is my favourite idea, and just the general idea that you can just grab this tiny bag and it will contain virtually everything that you need for the journey!

  42. Leigh Larkin

    The toy clip sounds genuis! A great idea and one that could save a lot of knees and childrens tears in the long run!

  43. clare seal

    Re-useable stickers!! Great idea

  44. ellen

    entertainment value

  45. Shaz

    Nice kit to keep the children entertained on a trip

  46. edward

    so much to keep inquisitive minds busy for hours


    following Jet Set Mum on Facebook and following Diary of a First Child.


    the reuseable sticker set my son would absolutely love, but every item in the pack sounds like it would keep a child busy for a few hours, great giveaway

  49. Karen Carpenter

    It all sounds fab but the magnet set in particular would be really handy!

  50. Mrs Phillips

    The fact it’s portable and reuseable.

  51. Deborah Marlow

    the crayons and a doodle area appeals to me.


    The crayons and a doodle area is a great idea!! would love this its sure to keep a child busy on long journey!!

  53. Naomi

    love the reusable magnet set! liked Jet Set Mum and Diary of a first child on FB as jellie bellie x


    the clip ! , save my back from having to pick up items of the floor every few steps

  55. Love the stickers and the fact they can be used time and time again – real value for money

  56. Nina C

    Following on twitter (@nc099)

    The best thing has to be that there is so much packed into a small bag that is convenient to grab and run!

  57. louise howgego

    the after mess gel has to be my favourite item you never know when you might need it especially whilst out with toddlers whom are potty training and in the toilet every 5 mins xxx

  58. Heather Shaw

    I love stickers so the reusable sticker play set sounds ideal!! @kiki_725 on twitter

  59. phyllis ellett

    Now following both on Facebook (FB ID Phyllis Ellett)

  60. phyllis ellett

    Its got to be the toy clip, very clever idea.


    • @phyllis ellett,

      Thanks – we think it’s pretty cool too! Please drop us an email for a discount code as a thank you for your support.

      Cheers! Jet Set Mum

  61. Dominika Oliver

    I love the idea of the travel toy clip!

  62. lisa

    I love this the best bit would have to be the travel toy clip it’s so annoying when my daughter throws her toys on the floor

  63. kim

    what an excellent idea just booked a holday abroad with a newborn and pre schooler this has something for both all compact in a bag instead of having a bag or two full of stuff, magnetic board is a great idea

  64. Claire Butler

    Following on twitter and have tweeted @BBDIVA1977

  65. Claire Butler

    Following both facebook pages and left message on wall

  66. Claire Butler

    Fab idea seems you thought of everything. The magnectic boards sounds fab

  67. vicky haddock

    I think the idea of everything in one bag is a masterpiece and great

  68. cathy

    i love the idea of everything in a bag, the cuddly toy is brill
    subscribed by email

  69. Kelly Koya

    I love this because it takes all the hassle out of packing my own kit! We tend to do very long journeys in the car with our children, have driven to Holland, Germnay, Austria, Italy, etc. Things like stickers are a godsend!

  70. Ruth Lines

    Love it all!


    everything in one place so…handy

  72. Frankie Light

    Also following you on Twitter as @LoveWinning 🙂

  73. Frankie Light

    I’ve liked both Facebook pages (as Francesca Light-Wilson)

  74. Frankie Light

    I love this because it’s such a timesaver! I usually put together an anti-boredom kit for my youngest son when we travel, but that’s a bit of a ‘hit & miss’ exercise as I sometimes inadvertently include toys which he’s ‘gone off’. With a whole bag of new delights, that wouldn’t be a worry 🙂

  75. Solange

    So cute

  76. Claire Hughes

    Also a facebook fan 🙂

    • Claire Hughes

      of both

  77. Claire Hughes

    My little girl is sticker crazy so the idea of reusable stickers and magnets is a complete winner for me! She’d be entertained for hours 🙂

  78. Robyn Clarke

    I love the giraffe and the lion. We’ve got a jungle theme nursery and these would look great sitting on top of the toy box

  79. Lisa Williamson

    Wow. What a great set. It’s a nightmare travelling with children but there’s lots to keep them busy in here – @LilLeese1

  80. Lianne Holmes

    I love that it all fits in a little bag but the stickers and the magnets are the winner for me – my kids love things like that!

    • Lianne Holmes

      @Lianne Holmes, ps like on face book – name on there is Lianne Watkins

  81. nicci cowdell-murray

    liked and wrote on their page twinklenicci cowdell-murray

  82. nicci cowdell-murray

    i love the fact it all fits in a handy little bag , its fantastic x @bubbalovesblog on twitter

  83. helena haddock

    It’s great all in one place, and versitile

  84. Cheryll H

    Liked Jet Set Mum on FB and posted on their wall 🙂

  85. Cheryll H

    The sticker set would be a winner for me. Both my girls love stickers and they are the best for entertainment on long journeys (if you don’t count the portable DVD player!)

  86. Rachael G

    Have followed Jet Set Mum on Facebook (rachie littleme)

  87. Rachael G

    I love the idea of this pack! In particular the reuseable sticker play set and magnets appeal to me.

  88. Kerry Robertson

    What a great set! My son would love the magnets and the colouring in bit the most!
    Also following Jet Set Mum on facebook

  89. mrscdineen

    Following both pages on facebook.
    I like the reusable sticker idea, my children love stickers at the minute!

  90. Sarah Anguish

    I follow Jet Set Mum on Facebook

  91. Sarah Anguish

    I’m loving the After Mess Gel x

  92. beverley kirwin

    i love the bag this would keep my little niece happy all day long so would be perfect for when we take her out and about to other friends and family homes as it has everythng in it that you basically need from keeping her entertained to changing her nappy x

  93. hayley payton

    reusable stickers & magnets, that would keep my little occupied!!

  94. jemma

    what a gr8 idea compact, seems so easy to use.

  95. Chettina

    What a fantastic idea , I usually have a changing bag full of junk I don’t need but this sounds like a bag with everything I do need ! The little toy would be great. My daughter insists on taking a hive teddy everywhere we go so this would really come in handy.

  96. Alice

    Its compact, convenient and cute!

  97. hayley williams

    tweeted on twitter @hayleyw1 and liked on face book

  98. Tracy Nixon

    What a fantastic little pack – almost like a tardis – opens up to reveal more than what you would expect!!! I think my little one would love the magnet set!!! I think magnets fascinate all children, simply because they are ‘magic’ and stick to things without glue!!! I have them all over my fridge, in fact I collect magnets from all the places we visit and my toddler never gets tired of rearranging them on the fridge or her own magnetic board!!!!

    Thanks for the great review!

    subscribed to your newsletters xxx

  99. Tracy Nixon

    I am following you on Twitter and have tweeted! @TracyNixon

  100. Tracy Nixon

    Hi and thanks for the lovely comp!!!

    I am a fan of both pages and have shared your comp on my wall! Tracy Nixon MSE


    I’ve liked on facebook. I love the little cuddly travel friends

  102. The toy clip is a great idea, when we went on Eurostar to Disneyland, I spent most of the journey bending down to pick up my sons toys, and the trouble is you never know what dirty things people have left behind under the seats etc, so this is a great idea!

  103. Marzena

    I’ve followed Jet Set Mum on Facebook and I left message as Marzena Sz
    I already like your facebook page

  104. Marzena

    Disposable Bibs and Change Matts are great and very useful during journey

  105. Laura F

    I follow you on facebook

  106. Laura F

    OO this is so cute – I love idea that its full of little ‘treasures’ as my sons would call them and they would be entertained by just seeing whats inside before they even started playing!

  107. The reusable play sets are a great idea as they can be used again and again

  108. I am following both page on Facebook and have wrote on the wall 🙂 xx

  109. I love them all and amazed how ‘everything’ can fit in the small bag 🙂


  110. I think half the excitement is the fact that you’ve got a new bag of goodies to explore. Just looking into the bag is exciting.

  111. Marissa Wright

    The best thing is the fact that everything is in one bag – no messing around with loads of extra luggage. I wish I knew about this years ago

  112. Martina

    I like how little space all that stuff takes…

  113. Rebecca Murphy

    I like the bag itself – and the fact that you can check the contents without opening it (and rooting around for things inside!).


  114. victoria morton

    Lovely little bag, i like the fact its small enough for the child to carry, that way they will feel ‘important’ that they have their own little suitcase. Of course all the things in it are very useful 🙂

  115. Anna M

    I like on FB

  116. Anna M

    Fab set, I like little bag 🙂


    I love everything! All eventualities have been considered, a really fantastic idea.

  118. Laura Pritchard

    Following Little Jet Setters on Facebook.

  119. Laura Pritchard

    I love the presentation of the set – it looks so nice it’s a shame you have to take things out! @Isis1981uk on Twitter.

  120. Wayne Gunn

    I follow Diary of a First Child

  121. Wayne Gunn

    The travel toy clip sounds like a brilliant idea


    i love the travel toy clip, no more apologising to the people in front umpteen times when i headbuttt their seat while trying to dig out their toy from under the seat…genius


    My little daughter is such a girly girl and loves carrying my handbags around so would love this for her summer hols in the caravan!

  124. Sue McCarthy

    An excellent product to keep them amused while travelling. I particularly like the clear bag – so teddy can see where he’s going!

      • Sue McCarthy

        Thank you very much for letting me know, what a lovely surprise!

        This prize will be donated to charity and will be going to the underprivileged children in Romania.

        • Sue McCarthy

          Hi Luschka
          Just to let you know the Jet Setters pack has arrived. It is fantastic; it’s surprising just how much can fit into that little bag!
          Many thanks once again, Sue

  125. Mel Chambers

    I like the toy clip, having scrabbled round in cars and planes for dropped toys that sounds like a wonderful idea

  126. Karen

    I love the fact that it is all the things that normally get forgotten, especially the wipes for sticky fingers

  127. Hannah Beadle

    I have liked the Jet Set Mums facebooks page

  128. Hannah Beadle

    I like the sanitising gel, so useful with mucky hands

  129. Debbie Lamerton

    This would be great for my Great Niece

  130. Nancy Bradford

    I think it is adorable and would love to try it.

  131. clare allen

    perfect!! so so handy love it!!

  132. carmen smith

    What a lovely set, very useful on a long journey.

  133. claire woods

    For ONE additional entry, you can follow Jet Set Mum on Facebook (please leave a message on their wall saying I sent you!) AND/OR follow Diary of a First Child.


  134. claire woods

    I like the fact it fits so neatly in the bag and it does indeed look like you can grab it and go.

  135. Melanie McNair

    There’s so much to keep the kids entertained on a long journey

  136. Sarah Cooper

    I love that it looks very portable and contains some very interesting looking items.

  137. janice taylor

    travel toy clip would be very useful

  138. carole

    have liked and tweeted

  139. carole

    love everything in the bag very handy indeed

  140. Isobelle Forde

    What a lovely package, I like the way it looks unisex as I have a boy and the sanitizer is a thoughtful addition, plus the packis see-through (so no rummaging!) and its very well stocked for those inevitably sometimes stressful journeys! 🙂

  141. Zoe Campbell

    What do i like most? Everything! Anyhting that keeps a boisterous toddler entertained on a long flight gets the thumbs up, I have a 8 hr flight with my little whirlwind in october and already having nightmares!

  142. Al Barrow

    Love it!

    A perfect package for entertaining the children in the car!

  143. Lucy Richards

    This useful pack is perfect to keep our children entertained on our journey up to Newcastle in June.

  144. what a fab little set! i have 2 little ones that would love thi 🙂 i am impressed that the bag is a colouring set too 🙂 fab! xox
    danielle jordan terry’s last blog post ..My 18th Blog Award!!!!

  145. Emily Hutchinson

    It’s not so much one thing, but I like the variety of it, a mix of useful things and entertainment, plus the cuddly toys are very cute 🙂

  146. Libby Alexander

    The baby wipes are a must have….dribbly chin, sticky fingers and food dropped down clothes. And that’s just me.
    I follow Jet Set Mum on Facebook but I don’t have the google thingy to follow your blog. 🙁

    • Libby Alexander

      Just found you on Facebook, so follow you on there now.

  147. Di Coke

    This looks fab! I like the sound of the travel toy clip, we recently went on our first flight with our 16 month old and everything ended up under the seat!

    I already follow you on Facebook but have liked the Jet Set Mum page now too!
    Di Coke’s last blog post ..Make time for wine- a selection of corking competitions

  148. Lovely goodies, liked them on FB. I already follow you on FB.Thanks 🙂

  149. Ashleigh

    everything in this set looks amazing. The reusable sticker play set would be great – my daughter loves stickers!

  150. helen adams

    We are going on holiday in a week and a half and we have a little girl who is a right messy pup so get up and down in the plane is going to be a nightmare so the hand sanitisers are a fab idea. She is Lao very dependant on cuddly toys for comfort and I think have a dinky one in the pack is such a good idea as a distractoon on the flighy. and to have all be in a bag. Compact and neat to fit in with your hand luggage is genius.

  151. wow this looks amazing! love the idea of the magnet play set, and the stickers of course, my toddler loves stickers!
    vicki’s last blog post ..this moment –

  152. love the handy little bag! and it seems to have everything! nifty! If it is worldwide, count me in

  153. Eleanor

    This looks fabulous! We have a big trip to make in July to a wedding where Em is being flower girl so it would come in really handy!

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