Ameli loves books. She will sit down and read a book (i.e. look at the pictures), up side down, right way round, wrong way round, she doesn’t mind. I have a large array of books for her, and although she’s had her own library card since she was three months we still love buying books.  Of course, then, it stands to reason that I would jump at the opportunity to review books, so when Kids IQ Books asked me I was happy to oblige. Except for one little thing…

I’m on an extended visit to South Africa at the moment. So what’s a girl to do?  Well, rope in her friends, of course. My friend Maggy from Red Ted Art is an huge book lover and has the best knack for combining reading and art I’ve ever come across, and made a natural fit for this review. Here are Maggy’s views on the KIDS IQ Books.

Hi, I am Maggy from over at Red Ted Art, a book and craft blog that I run with the help of my three year old son Red Ted and his little one year old sister Pip Squeak. As Luschka is currently not actually in the country, I am lucky enough to do some reviews on
her behalf – it is very important to Luschka that products etc are actually “seen” and tested before they appear on her blog!

Luschka also knows that we at Red Ted Art ADORE books. So when Kids IQ Books asked for a book review, she knew we would love to take a look!

We picked two little pocket book sets: “On the Move” and “Little Miss” . They arrived 2.5hours ago and currently Red Ted is asleep in his bed with both sets. Do I really need to go on writing this review?!?! Oh go on then.

Well, they are lovely little sets. I did actually know that these would go down a treat, as we have a couple of other pocket book sets and Red Ted loves them. I thought it would be nice to have some new ones for Pip Squeak to “own” and love. Why are they so appealing:

  • The children LOVE putting them into and out of the box
  • They are bright, colourful and simple stories for them to follow (You cannot go wrong with Little Miss books and the On The Move book is great for children that like vehicles – telling us all about tractors and speedy motorbikes etc)
  • You have a mini 6 piece puzzle – if you put all the books face down they make a picture
  • They are handy little people size (Pip Squeak didn’t want to let go of her book and I had to almost wrestle it off her)
  • They are sturdy cardboard books, so should be able to survive some knocking!

Very sweet. My only “but”, is that they don’t contain “proper stories” and the Little Miss books seem to end a little abruptly. But they are only small books and it wouldn’t really work to overload them with text.

Overall: a big thumbs up! Thank you for letting us review them.

Well, don’t they sound lovely! I’m hoping Maggy will do a book exchange with us on our return, so we can see if we love them as much too!

Kids IQ Books specialise in children’s books at discounted prices, with the aim of helping children’s learning and development by providing educational books which support the UK Curriculum. Kids IQ Books also try to provide information regarding the education system and point parents in the direction of other sources of information.

If you’d like to see for yourself, Kids IQ Books are giving Diary of a First Child readers the chance to win both “On the Move” and “Little Miss” for yourselves.  In order to be in with a chance to win, pop on over to Kids IQ Books, have a look around, then come back here and tell me what your favourite stories from their collection are.

The competition closes at noon, on 22 November and the winner will be randomly drawn using The winner must respond within two weeks or a new winner will be drawn.

And the winner is….

Andrea K – thank you everyone for entering!


Kids IQ Books Review and Giveaway

  1. Roald Dahl box set he had imagine and then some. All of hollywood is copying out the stories into movies due to running out of their own ideas!

  2. I would have the Little Miss collection – it would go nicely with my Mr Men collection that I’ve got from my childhood. Sadly daughter isn’t as interested as I’d hoped, so I’m hoping my boy has better taste!!

  3. Malory Towers – good wholesome girls fun my daughters loved them so much they wanted to go to boarding school cause they thought it was still like that!

  4. My favourite is the World History Book for age 7 plus, a great fun way of teaching what could be a boring subject to that age group.

  5. Would have to be Famous Five for me. I owned all of them when I was younger and I look forward to having them all in the house again when my boys are a little bit older.

  6. Has to be Roald Dahl box set, brings back wonderful childhood memories. I look forward to reading them to my little boys.

  7. The Mr Men Complete Library every time. They are as loved by my kids today as they were by me and my brother when we were small.

  8. The Roald Dahl collection is my favourite as i used to read these books all the time as a child many times over and over, and never got bored of them.

  9. My fave would be Mr Men Complete Library , my il girl would love it

    gfc:stephanie cummins

  10. I’ve been telling my neice about the Malory Towers books and was delighted to see them on the website, I’d love to share my favourite books from childhood with her!

  11. I like the look of the Roald Dahl collection – I devoured these as a kid & will be buying them for my baby when he’s born.

  12. The Roald Dahl Box set is a fave for me, I read all his books when I was young and would love for my children to read them to.
    :0) xx

  13. gidders1 twitter…love all the enid blyton collection..she was always one of my favourite when I was younger, luckily my eldest shares this love gidders1 Amanda x

  14. I’d say the Jacqueline Wilson Box Set collection. I used to read her teenager in love series when I was younger and I loved them!

  15. Love your new site Luschka…

    Thanks for the kind intro and for letting us review the books! We can “test the books” and see what “state” they are in, when you get back, but would be happy to exchaneg 😉 spread the booky love and all that!

    Maggy x

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