I’ll Never Be (That) Beautiful

  1. I think you are beautiful and having adorable kids is a beautiful blessing. It is normal to feel less beautiful after pregnancy. But I hope that you will continue to maintain your wonderful self-image. Thanks for the interesting insights on being beautiful.

  2. The shallows looks at beauty on the outside but the sensible looks at beauty from with in. Beauty should be more than skin deep. Outside beauty fades away but being beautiful inside means an everlasting beauty. Everybody is created beautiful in the eyes of God. So don’t say you are not beautiful.

  3. We have been taking a similar tactic with our daughter, which I’ve found has been very helpful as she gets more princess/bride/ballerina obsessed. I hope we can teach her what is really important about a person, and how little looks matter while still helping her have a positive self image.

      1. @Luschka, It’s not an absolute certainty that it will be what your daughter is in to. I have a couple of friends whose daughters and vehemently anti pink and frills, and they keep asking to switch with me.

        1. @Shannon, oh, well, that is a relief 🙂 I don’t MIND. I just don’t want it to be the be all and end all, if that makes sense. And I’M not really a princess-y kind of girl, although I DID always have a thing for Tinkerbell – but that might just be cause she got to fly with Peter Pan :/ 🙂

  4. p.s. Re the troll comments. Who on earth do you think wrote them? The Brad Pitt look-a-likes were all out having fun that night so it was the sad and pathetic losers who are simply jealous! Who gives a monkeys what they have to say? Ignore them!! x

  5. Who’d want to be “beautiful” in terms of looks anyway? No model has a lived in face, where are all the lines from laughing too much (if there is such a thing as too much laughter!)?
    Before getting married our minister gave us a book, Loving Against the Odds I think it wad called, part of that was to do with the way you speak to your partner and how you treat them. Those who are truly loved are more beautiful than any super model could ever be. Knowing you are loved and special makes your inner beauty shine through! xx

  6. Where do people get off saying horrid things like that. I think you’re a pretty lady. I grew up never being told that I was pretty by my parents. This in turn led me to have no self confidence. I don’t take compliments very well & never believe anyone who says I am pretty (I can’t see it myself!!). I’ve put a lot of weight on due to pregnancies over the past 6yrs so that plays on my mind, but my husband loves me for who I am, warts & all!! I tell all 3 of my children that they’re handsome/beautiful. More so my girls. I don’t want them to turn out like me xxx

    1. @Rachel, Thanks for the comment Rachel.It was really honest, and truly does make me think we’re doing the right thing. I certainly don’t want my daughter to think she has to be beautiful, but I want her to know that I believe she is. Thanks so much again.

  7. I think you are on the right track. My dad wouldn’t ever say that we were pretty or beautiful, he thought that complimenting us would puff us up, and make us obsessed with how we looked. Instead I just felt like the ugliest thing alive. Good for you not listening to the haters. 🙂

  8. You are beautiful inside and out. Having a baby doesn’t make you ugly it makes you more beautiful and proud. It is not easy to bring a baby in your tummy for the whole nine months but you actually did and survived. Be proud you are beautiful who says your not? hehe

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