Ameli loves her bath toys, and since I rarely get to bath without her, I have a rather intimate knowledge of various different bath time critters.

I’m always happy to add to our bath time frivolities though, so I was pretty keen on trying out these rubber bath toys from Hevea – by which I mean watching Ameli try them out, you understand!

The Pond, as it’s called is a set of three bath time toys – a duck, fish and frog – all made from 100% raw rubber from the Hevea Brailiensis rubber trees, which are sustainably produced and the toys handmade in Spain.

These bath toys are BPA, phthalates and PVC Free, contain no added colours or synthetics, and are soft and tactile to the touch. They also smell great. I can’t really put my finger on it, but they have a very earthy, essential oil type smell.

There’s no hole in the bottom, so it doesn’t suck up water – which is a winner for me as I have on more than one occasion picked up a toy that hasn’t been played with for a while, and squeezed smelly green water out of it. Yum.

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These don’t squeak, and they don’t have any additional colours painted on them, and at first I worried that this would make them a bit dull and they’d be bypassed for the brighter bath toys – including a duck that lights up in the water – and observing Ameli during our first bath time with these toys, I was very surprised to see the others didn’t even get picked up.

Because there are also a fish and frog in the set, they’re completely unique to the other floating bath toys she has, and we were able to actually ‘play’ with them, and make appropriate goldfish and frog sounds (don’t ask me to explain how a gold fish sounds in writing, but there’s a lot of mouth opening and closing involved!)

From a paranoid mother point of view I like that these toys are free from nasties, and I don’t worry about them being in my child’s mouth or breaking down over time and leaching toxins into the bath. Some (but very few) children may have a rubber allergy, however, so do keep an eye on it and don’t use them if your child does.

And in the spirit of true sustainability, the packaging for the Pond friends can also be used for a craft project. On the back you’ll find a suggestion for turning your packaging into a mobile and I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas creative families can come up with. Even if not, it’s primarily cardboard and the majority of it can be recycled.


To enter to win a set of Hevea pure rubber bath toys, you can pop over to Hevea’s website, the return here and tell me which of the bath friends you like the most.

For an additional entry, (not compulsory and unendorsed by Facebook), you can “like” Hevea on Facebook, pop a message on their wall telling them I sent you, and then return here and leave a SECOND comment telling me you’ve done so.

The competition end at 23:59 on 9 January, and the winners will be chosen at random using

The winner is K Dunn

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Hevea Natural Rubber Bath Toys Review And Competition

  1. Natural bath toys are made of natural rubber and it is excessively elastic. These bath toys are BPA, phthalates and PVC Free, contain no added colors or synthetics, and are soft and tactile to the spot.Thanks for sharing this valuable article…………………….

  2. Alfie is my fav, he is so cute and I can see my wee one munching happily (and most importantly safely) on that cute wee beak! 🙂

  3. Love Alfie the duck but my daughter would love the frog! She is obsessed with them at the min! Pretty sure it has something to do with that Ben and holly lol

  4. I love all the bathtoys but it would have to be the ‘pond set’ to allow for sharing for my 2 grandsons, even though one is only 12 weeks old ……………. he loves the bath like his brother

  5. I think the pond toys are great- I definately love the frog the best and even better…..they don’t make that annoying squeaking noise!!!

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