I have a lovely memory of somewhere in the first few weeks of my daughter’s life, my mother and I sitting in my living room threading beads to make a breastfeeding reminder bracelet to help me remember which side my baby had last fed from. I really only needed it until the reservoiring milk turned into supply and demand (which happens around six weeks and is often when people think their milk has dried up) whereafter it became pretty easy to tell which side she’d last fed from.

That bracelet now lies in Ameli’s memory box, and I will always treasure that token of our breastfeeding relationship.

I wanted a new bracelet for Squidgy, and found something perfectly suitable from Mama Jewels – a matching bracelet and necklace set. The value of a breastfeeding necklace will come in later, when s/he starts scratching and grabbing and needing something to keep those little fingers busy! The bracelet will come in handy in the early days, while my supply re-establishes itself to nursing my two babies on demand.

The selection from Mama Jewels is lovely. I particularly like the new Spring 2012 range, and chose the Baby Blue necklace and bracelet set for myself, since regardless of Squidgy’s gender, I have to wear it and I wear a lot of blue!

This is a lovely set. It is baby-proof jewellery and should withstand its fair share of pulling and yanking. In fact, they’re so sure, they’ll give you your money back if your baby breaks your jewellery.  Unusually for jewels, but great if they’re going to be in baby and toddler range, these can be washed and sterilised, and can even go through the dishwasher to come out good as new!

MamaJewels also guarantee that their components are Non Toxic and that it’s tested in accordance with by UKAS in accordance with the current Toy standards. They also strength test their jewellery monthly and so far have a 100% track record, so you can wear it without fear.

This fat chain link necklace is lovely and it looks lovely and is great for mothers who miss wearing jewellery, or even if you just want to use them during nursing.

I found the heart shape on the bracelet a little annoying at times as it would twist and stick into my skin, and as a bracelet that needs to be swapped to another arm every couple of hours I found it a little hard to take on and off, but that’s possibly just because I’m big boned, big wristed and big  handed! For the average user, I’m sure it would be better.

There’s a great range to choose from too, if you wanted something that didn’t say ‘baby proof’ quite so much, you’ll find gorgeous fashion accessories to suit every taste.

(A few days before hearing from Mama Jewels, a lovely reader, Tina, from Birmingham, also sent me this breastfeeding necklace, also from Mama Jewels! So I’m doubly spoiled. Thank you Tina!)


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Mama Jewels Breastfeeding Necklace And Bracelet Review And Competition

  1. Maddie Taupe Baby-proof necklace looks nice for me and fun for my pie.

    (I think this company may give le leche members discounts?)

  2. I forgot Mother’s Day, maybe giving my beautiful wife the heart in grey pendent will help me out 😉

  3. I love the Indian Summer necklace, maybe wearing this will stop my ever persistent ‘tweaker’! 🙂

  4. I love the Limited Edition Indi Turquoise one – my current turquoise necklace is about to break so it would be a lovely replacement!

    1. Congratulations on your win! Please email me your address at diaryofafirstchild @ gmail.com so I can have this sent out to you ASAP. Thanks!

  5. I LOVE the Jewels Nursing necklace Heart pendant in Citrine. So pretty – I hardly thought it was a baby-proof nursing necklace!

  6. Mama Jewels Nursing necklace Heart pendant Grey. It’d go perfectly with my new grey breastfeeding shirt ^_^

  7. i love the pink sparkle teething necklace as my daughter is beginning to put my chains in her mouth (which im scared a bit might come apart in her mouth) and im afraid they will break. at least with this one i wouldnt have to worry as it would be for anyway 🙂

  8. I like the same thing as you the Baby Blue Baby Shower gift necklace & bracelet Set, it’s lovely!

  9. I love the Jade green heart pendant breastfeeding necklace and have friend requested them on fb as helen e harris 😀

  10. New Mum Gift – Maddie Taupe Baby-proof necklace
    … this is stunning and I’m dying to get my hands on something babyproof!

  11. I adore the amethyst heart necklace. I currently wear a small silver chain that is getting pulled too hard when baby feeds & I know will break soon!

  12. I have been looking everywhere for a nursing necklace that was not the same old doughnut shape on a cord. I love the Silver Flower necklace. I might even save up to have one sent all the way over here.

  13. I liked their FB page but could not work out on how to post on their wall, so I sent them a message instead. Hope its still all right!

  14. Oh, how I would love this!!!!!!!!! My daughter does not know what to pull on when I am nursing her!
    I like Indian Summer Grey & Pink Heart pendant amongst others.

  15. I love all of them! But especially the new gift silver flower necklace. I’m wondering the best way to hint to get one! X

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