I love photographs and pictures, and normally when I move into our out of a house, my pictures are the first and the last things to go up or come down. To me, pictures make a home.  Like many families, when I had Ameli, I was still getting maternity pay, and we filled the house with baby photos, but when it came round to Aviya, it’s taken us almost two years to get more than a handful of pictures of her in the house. It’s not that we love her any less, it’s just that we haven’t had the same money to do the same professional photo shoots, and choose our beautiful box framed photos, you  know?

When I was offered a PhotoBox review I grabbed it with both hands because I had really been conscious of the fact that Aviya would be able to notice the lack of baby photos of herself around the house. Which led to the next realisation that I have very few photos of both girls. Together. Both  looking at the camera, or both at least looking in the same direction. I also realised that most of my pictures of them were snaps, really. iPhone pictures while out and about, so a large canvas wasn’t going to work due to the pixelation of the images.

Honestly, the hardest part of the whole process was just choosing a few photographs!

In the end I settled on three canvas prints – one of the girls having fun together, and one that I think reflects their individual characters perfectly:

The Text has been to the pictures. It's not on the canvases.
The Text has been added to the pictures. It’s not on the canvases.

And I paid £7 each for these canvases for the Father’s Day sale, which I was so very pleased with (that ends tonight, by the way 11 June 2014)

They are so beautiful.


Photobox Canvases:

  • Really easy to design
  • Super fast delivery
  • Beautiful quality, even the low quality images


For the two individual pictures I used photos from my ‘real’ camera, but the one of the girls together I actually pulled off Facebook. The quality of that one isn’t great – they did warn me when I uploaded it, but I thought I’d go for it anyway. If you walk past it, or look at it from normal person height, you can’t even see the pixelation, but if you look closely you can, so I guess it’s personal choice. I still love the picture and I’m glad I used it. No one really gets that close to it!

Uploading the images was easy peasy, choose your preferences and pay. The only problem I had with these is the postage cost, but much as I love PhotoBox, that’s always the case and often puts me off buying smaller items. In this sale though, I decided to go for it anyway, and I’m really glad I did.


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Memories With PhotoBox Canvases

  1. Photobox is an easy way to put this sort of decorative wall canvas. It lets you select the type of project you want. I wanted a wall canvas to put all pictures with my family of my favorite memories. Upload your favorite photos and be as creative as you like. You have really great photos. It’s so adorable and cute kids you have. Thanks for sharing this article Luschka.

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