For most of us, planning a holiday is very much a matter of wanting the best of something – be it luxury, comfort, experience, excitement or relaxation – that our money can afford us. For that week or two, we want to believe that we are kings of the world, with no problems that weigh us down, or limits that hold us back. That is, after all, why we’re going on holiday – to escape our every day, and enjoy something a little different.

When you’re travelling as a group – if that’s a family of four or a club of 100, to a campsite down the road or the Belmond Cap Juluca – there are some things to keep in mind:


Know what you want from your trip

When you’re planning your holiday, it’s important to first establish what you want from it. It’s no good looking forward to a Italian backpacking where you get to experience the local environment and explore something new and end up in a in a resort where everyone just wants to lie by the pool. On the flip side, you don’t want to get home worn out from being dragged from museum to museum when all you wanted was to be pampered in the spa. What one person wants from the holiday may not be the same as the next, so arrange ‘group’ activities, and look for hotels that allow for excellent free time. If your trip is for a bachelor party, see the fun bachelor party ideas in Toronto.

Make sure there’s something for everyone in your party

An action adventure holiday may not be as fun for a mum with a new born as it will be for the rest of the group. Or for someone with a heart condition. If they have to sit on the side lines the whole trip, it won’t be much fun for them, or anyone else worrying about them.

Choose a resort or an airport hotel like the hotels in Orlando that cater for both the sightseers and the pool-lyers, the watersports enthusiasts and pamper party, the adventurous eaters and the simple palettes.

Prearrange your eating and dining plans

If you’re staying somewhere self catering, pack the basics like salt, herb pots and olive oil – having to buy it all fresh when you arrive at your destination is expensive, especially when you already have it all at home! Know if you have to pack your own dishwashing liquid and toilet paper so you don’t have to rush out to the resort shop to top up on those essentials. Know what’s available where you’re staying and if one or two people are going to be responsible for cooking for everyone, make sure everyone pitches in with the cleaning – no one goes on holiday to be everyone else’s servant!

When in Rome…

Capture2Or anywhere else, really, learn a bit about where you are. I’m not saying write an exam at the end of your stay, but learn something about where you are. What’s the local cuisine like? Is there a special dish known to the area? Is the architecture different to everywhere else. Expand your view of the world a little at a time.

Or go the whole hog and really live yourself into the experience. You’re only there for a little while, you may as well make the most of it!

Understand that everyone is different though, and if there’s something you really want to do, and others don’t, utilise some of that individual time I mentioned above!

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Four Tips For Planning A Group Holiday

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