Of course, every gift is personal; you pick an item out and give it to the recipient.

However, personalised gifts are a bit different.  For example, anyone can give a tie as a gift, but having a special someone’s initials engraved on the front makes it more special.  A bracelet is a token any receiver would appreciate, yet a personalized message on the inside – something intimate – makes it cherished even more.  If you’re thinking about making a someone feel extra special, give the gift of a personalised present.

Kinds of Personalisation

You may assume a personalised gift means it must show the recipient’s name, yet that is only one way to personalise a gift.  Besides the name, you could do just initials, birth date, special date, inside joke, or heartfelt message.  Also, personalisation doesn’t have to incorporate print or text.  Personalise a gift by adding a photo, or use personal items to create some form of collage.  For example, a really special way to honour and remember those who aren’t with us anymore, is a memory tree* using pictures, personal artifacts, and messages to express feelings to remember them.Baby-s-1st-Christmas-Red-Picture-Frame-RU13112

What to Personalise

Now that you have ideas about kinds of personalisation, you can begin to think about choosing gifts to personalise. For example, personalised pens are great for writers, or if you’re thinking of a first anniversary gift (paper anniversary); those who love the holidays enjoy personalised Christmas ornaments*; and, those who work in IT might like a personalised mouse pads.  As the popularity of personalisation grows, providers expand the available items too.  You may have noticed even brands like Coca Cola getting in on the personalisation trend with their named cans!

When to Personalise

Personalised gifts are perfect for many occasions – a wedding, birthday, Christmas, graduation, or to commemorate a person’s life.  A personalised token is especially thoughtful when you’re sure that other gift givers will provide something thoughtful yet expected, like a watch for a work anniversary or money for a graduation gift.  If you truly want to make an impression, show the recipient that you went out of your way to ensure their gift is one of a kind, e.g., stylized glasses, – and that it’s not last minute, since you’d have to put time and thought into getting something made to order.

How to Buy a Personal Gift

Shop online to find ideas and items that you may personalise, whether it’s a set of glasses, dice, shirt, ring, ornament, or similar.  Be sure to check the spelling; it would be unfortunate to go out of your way to personalise something only to find you spelled the person’s name incorrectly!  If you’re personalising a gift with a photo, use high-quality photos and be aware of the kind of file you’re sending a vendor or manufacturer.  If you’re ordering online, a number of suppliers will provide an image of what the personalized item will look like, which is a nice option to have since most will not allow you to return an item once it has been marked with initials or a special message.  Lastly, ask a merchant how they charge; for example, some charge per letter while others charge a flat fee regardless of how many characters are in a name or an intended message.


Lisa Hanson is a full-time mom and has been designing and creating her own gifts for years. She loves to be able to share her ideas online and has already shared her tips across a number of websites.


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Give the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime: All About Personalised Presents

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