We moved house last week, so we are a little late with our BostikBloggers post this month, but moving house and crafts don’t mix.

No matter though – the boxes are almost all unpacked, the seeds are planted, and despite the biting cold, the sun is shining, so we turned our attention to crafts. The box this month had loads of spring themed embellishments, a frame, a paper bag, lollipop sticks and Blu Tack and Bostik Glu Dots among other things, so I let the kids decide what they wanted to do.

Plant Markers

I used the tissue paper, winged critter foam stickers and pipe cleaners to make a bouquet of flowers, Ameli (6) decorated the phot frame and is currently frantically searching for a photo to put in the frame and Aviya (4) had a great time decorating the paper bag. Bostik Bloggers

We also decided to make plant markers for our seeds, so using the sticky-backed stickers we stuck them to the lollipop sticks, and those that weren’t sticky (the stickers had come off previously, or they weren’t sticky-backed) we used the glue dots – which are super easy to use, and stick really well too. Plant Markers gluedots

You can see the glue dot here. I actually stretched it out from here, so that it was as long as the length of the beetle, and glued it together.

Plant Markers finished

I chose a black marker pen to write the plant names on – we are really lucky to have in our possession some of the seeds that went up to space, so we’re keeping a close eye on them.

Plant Markers Collage

And so our finished product is usable and practical. It’s worth noting that the lollipop sticks should be biodegradable, but the foam stickers aren’t, so if you’re going to put them in your veggie patch you will probably be fishing them out of the soil at some point in the future. The wooden sticks may break down eventually and can go in the compost, I’d imagine, but I would probably use just plain, uncoloured ones going forward, as I’m not so sure about the colours leaching into the ground. It may be entirely fine, but just in case!

We were provided the goodies for this box from Craft Merrily on behalf of the #BostikBloggers project. Some links may be affiliated links, but will not cost you any more to use. 

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Spring Plant Markers And Critter Crafts #BostikBloggers

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