Tonight I’m sitting here shivering because my skin is burning up from sun exposure. Warmer weather took it’s time in coming, but it’s here, as the back of my neck can attest! One of the best things about summer for my kids is bubbles on the beach. I quite literally have up to 6 bubble wands in the boot of my car all summer long because I know that wherever we are, the kids are going to want bubbles! They bring kids together in a play ground, they make even the dull at the beach look up, point and smile, and they turn ‘mummy I’m bored’ into a great session of running and squealing in the garden.

This week we got a new toy – the Giant Gazillion Incredibubble Wand set, and it was an instant hit. You just have to look at these pictures to see why!

Gazillion Incredibubble Wand

Those bubbles are enormous and while it might look like we were in a deserted area, we weren’t, and everyone who passed by oohed and aaahed.

The Gazillion Incredibubble Wand set comes in three parts with a bottle of bubble mix. The packaging is light but strong and made from ELITER, so make sure you don’t pick it up and head to the park like we did. You will need something sharp to get it all out of the packaging.

Gazillion Premium Bubbles

The wand comes in two parts – the hoop and the handle – that you simply click together, and a tray to pour the bubble mix into.

Gazillion Incredibubble Wand

The tray for the bubble mix has a spout on one side so if you do have left over bubble mix, you can just pour it straight back into the bottle. A little touch, but really well thought out. Also, if you place the tray on a table or something like in this image above, where air can push through the centre ring, it makes it’s own bubbles too, which is quite amusing.

To create the bubbles, just lay the giant bubble wand in the tray, and lift up. Sometimes it makes tunnels as you can see below, butif you just lift it it’ll form long and large bubbles. Gazillion Bubbles 2

The bubbles do perform better if it’s not too windy as a strong wind can pop them easily, and if there’s no breeze you simply wave it about a little. It really is no different to normal small bubbles, but the results are superb fun.

The only down side is that you can use an entire bottle of bubble mix in about 10 minutes, but they are 10 well sepet minutes, and the children love them.The bubbles that come with it is a 16 oz. bottle of the Special Super Strength non-toxic Blue Gazillion Bubble solution.

Wands at Argos

Argos currently has an offer on this bubble wand, and it’s cousin which is 38 wands in one to make hundreds of bubbles with a single wave. This offer is £19.99 for both wands or two sets (four wands) for £30.

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Summer Time, Beaches and Gazillion Incredibubble Wand

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