I think to myself, “Summer holidays are coming”  – duh duh duhm – then I remember they’re not in school so summer holidays are pretty much like every day, except there are loads of festivals and activities on the Island I live on, and more traffic, and (hopefully) a little more sunshine, so there’s really nothing to panic about. And yet, I like to have things prepared for the summer so that I can actually have some down time too. Perhaps playing games like tridewi would be perfect.

Unfortunately we no longer have a garden, and being in Britain, there’s every chance of rain pretty much every day, yet the kids still need to be active and burn off their energy. I decided to make activity cubes for this months’ Bostik Blogger sporting theme. Activity Cubes

For these cubes you’ll either need fantastic free hand skills, or to print off four copies of this template.I’ve used A5 sheets in red, blue, green and yellow.

Activity Cubes

Cut the outline, and use a ruler to fold along the lines so that you get clean, sharp lines.

Activity Cubes

Your next step is to write the activities on the squares. You can do these in any way that work for you. I found it useful to write them out on a sheet of paper first to make sure that most of them at least work together (so you don’t end up with swim with your hands tied behind your back, for example. We also added two ‘FREEZE’ blocks where they have to ignore the other three blocks and freeze. This gives the game 900 possible activities. (If you don’t have the two FREEZE blocks, you have almost 1300 possible matches).

  • One: ‘sporting’ activities – throw a pretend javelin, pretend swim, ice skate along the floor, etc
  • Two: ‘timings’: we set the times for activities to start at 10 seconds, with 5 second increments to 30 seconds
  • Three: ‘challenge’: for example, ‘on one leg’, ‘with an arm tucked inside your shirt’, ‘with hands over your ears’ etc
  • Four: ‘extra’ This is for someone who needs an extra challenge – think of it as that childhood challenge to simultaneously pat your head and rub your belly? Like that – these include humming a tune, singing a song, calling out country names – adjustable depending on the age and interest of your children. Activity Cubes

Using your glue – we used a Bostik fine and wide glu pen – glue the edges one at a time, holding each one till it dries before going on to the next. Once it’s all dry you should have four perfect squares, ready to play.

We’ve been sent the crafts from Craft Merrily as part of the Bostik Bloggers program. 

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