Did you know Winnie the Pooh is based on a real boy and his bear?

100 acre wood

The 100 Akre Woods – which are actually 500 acre woods – are located in Ashdown Forest, in Kent, South England. There’s a little town called Hartfield where you’ll find a teashop and giftshop – The House at Pooh Corner.

100 Acre WoodA short drive away is Ashdown Forest.

A walk through the forest is a fun adventure, as you get to skip and play along the same paths as Christopher Robin and his stuffed friends did. There are even a few recently added nature play areas along the way.

100 Acre Woods

As you walking along the path, keep an eye out for forest friends. If you’re quiet enough, you may even see some of Rabbit’s many friends-and-relations. Then suddenly, you’ll round a corner and find Pooh Sticks Bridge! Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine Christopher Robin there.

Pooh Sticks Bridge

Play a game or two of Pooh Sticks – you’ll see many have done so before you! – then cross the bridge.

On your left, you’ll find Pooh’s house! Pooh’s always out when we get there. He seems to love exploring the forest and visiting friends! Let us know if you find him home though! We’d be quite jealous!

100 Acre Wood

The note on the door says:

“Dear Friends, Thank you for your letters, I do love reading them all, although I do find it a bit difficult for I am a bear of very little brain.

The reason I am not here very often is because I am off on Adventures with Piglet and Christopher Robin.

Please continue to write your letters and I will see you soon, though you may not see me!

 Lots of Love

Winnie the Pooh”

People leave jars of honey and letters at Pooh’s door, which looks a bit messy, but I’m sure a bear of little brain doesn’t mind too much!

Pooh Sticks Bridge

Once you’ve had your expetitions and adventures in the 100 Acre Wood,head to the House at Pooh Corner in Heartfield for some hot chocolate, or a Winnie the Pooh toasted breakfast with honey.Hot chocolate

Winnie the Pooh Activity Book

Want a more detailed exploration? Here’s a whole book about the world of Winnie the Pooh


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