We’ve been working through the year 2 English curriculum recently, as a sort of a guide for things for Ameli to learn, her being very keen to learn it all. I have to admit that looking at the curriculum I’m shocked and mildly appalled at what 7-year-olds are expected to learn! But as long as Ameli enjoys it, we’ll keep going.

We’ve been reading Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter – a short  story that doesn’t take very long, but is filled with all the examples of things the kids are learning in Year 2. Graphemes, apostrophes, suffixes – well, if you have a child who’s been through this curriculum, you’ll know!*

Peter Rabbit Activities

I decided to use a book as simple as Peter Rabbit to illustrate the use of all these literary rules and tools – for example there are two occurrences of onomatopoeia in the text – because it seems less intimidating than trying to break a whole chapter book down!

I looked at the whole curriculum and at everything we’ve learned and made a workbook with examples of all the language tools in the curriculum, in it.

So, here’s the book for you to download – it contains 16 pages of worksheets with things to cut, arrange, search for and work through.

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If you’d rather not be added at all, you can pop on over to Teachers Pay Teachers, where you can download it for $4.

This 16-activity workbook includes a Peter Rabbit Story Discussion, Reading Comprehension: Retell traditional and fairy stories with details & Sequence the events in a story, a Beatrix Potter poem for reciting by heart. There are also graphemes, homonyms, contracted words, possessive apostrophes, suffixes, to explore, along with adverbs, linking words and compound words. We’ve used Peter Rabbit for writing practice, character descriptions, and changing the story ending and writing a poem. Finally, the punctuation puzzles explores all the punctuation a reader should recognise!

All this is done through cut outs, games and puzzles.

peter rabbit printables

In addition to the printed pages you will need lollipop sticks, glue, scissors, and coloured pens or pencils to complete the activities.

The activities either require a prior learning on each subject, or can be used alongside teaching on each subject.

I’m really pleased with these worksheets and with how Ameli has flown through them. She takes to these things so quickly, it suprises me! I asked her, “If I say to you, ‘a grapheme is a letter or set of letters that make up a single sound…'”
“Oh,” she says, “like ‘ch’ or ‘ough’ or ‘th’?” So that was an easy lesson!

I hope you enjoy the activities as much as she did!

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English Fun With Peter Rabbit

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