Being a mom can help you to become a better nurse while being a nurse will make you feel more prepared for motherhood.  Maybe you finished your master of science in nursing before your little ones came into the picture or maybe your nursing career didn’t begin until you were already a mother. Each of these unique roles compliments the other.Here’s what happens when you’re both a nurse and a mother.

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Chaos is Like a Day at the Park

Nurses who don’t have tons of life experience may need several years to effectively handle medical crises. This is why head nurses have usually completed a masters in nursing. If you have been able to care for crying newborns and watched them evolve into critically thinking teens, you can definitely handle a bit of chaos at work. In fact, dealing with chaotic situations at a hospital or medical practice can even be easier than dealing with your own kids because you are generally more detached, and  that’s why you need to be prepared for everything, including cardiac arrests and that’s why having the right equipment can be essential which you can totally get online for this purpose, visit this site for more about this.

You’ll Keep Your Cool and Remain Unmoved

Put a nurse who is also a mother into a fast-paced medical setting where there are patients asking for assistance in multiple rooms and she’ll handle the pressure, cool as a cucumber. Moms are used to being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously and they have a knack for prioritization. You don’t have to tell these types of nurses what to do next, as they can glide through busy settings with grace and panache.

Sleep Almost Becomes an Option

Nurses may work shifts that last for 24 hours. When you’re a nurse who also happens to be a mom you don’t just get to come home and crash after a long shift. You’ll need to touch base with your family and find out what has happened in your absence. Some nurses like to get the housework out of the way before they take a snooze, preparing dinner, completing the laundry, and caring for their pets as soon as they get home. On the opposite end, nurse-moms also have to get their home lives in order before they can leave for work and feel comfortable. This might mean leaving long to-do lists for their spouses and children, making appointments, and grocery shopping.

Most parents have a career, but nursing professionals usually have more responsibilities than other working parents. Their shifts are longer and they have to use their physical and mental strength to get through each task. They may be ready to take time for themselves, as well as reconnect with their children after going home, but professional nurses don’t ever have the luxury of being off duty for long.

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