My girls have a real fascination with unicorns and fairies, much like most little girls  and boys (and many big girls and boys) so when we were offered the Unicorn Charm Jewellery Making Kit to review, I knew it would be a big hit with them.
Unicorn Charms

The Charm Jewellery set from CraftBox comes in Unicorn and in Fairy.

Unicorn Charms

In the Unicorn Charm Jewellery Set you will find a selection of beads (silver colour metal beads, bicone beads, round beads, pearlescent beads, heart shaped beads, star shaped beads  and 10 charms with a unicorn theme, as well as jewellery making equipment including clasps, clasp beads and keyrings and if you want to remember someone special you may have lost, you could get Eternal Jewellery as this is a great option as well. There’s also 5 metres of stretch cord for making necklaces and bracelets, so you can make quite a few!Unicorn Charms

The stretch cord is really easy to work with, and beads are perfectly sized to slide through, and while it helps to plan out your necklace first if you want it balanced, the options are endless.  The clasps are really good too and work on the lanyard principle. If you yank at them, they’ll come apart, so children won’t hang themselves on it accidentally. Unicorn Charms

I like that this set gives you tons of options, in terms of how much you can make. The kids spent a lot of time on it too, which is always a bonus when you’re looking for something to kill a few hours. I’ve kind of lost track now of how many necklaces and bracelets they’ve made, since a lot of them have been gifted out, but for the price (around £9.99) I’ve been rather impressed with the amount we’ve managed to make from it!

The girls have loved the Unicorn Charm Jewellery Making Kit too, and I think it’s been good for both practicing retention of attention and those fine-motor skills.

We were sent this set free in exchange for an honest review. The links in this post are affiliate links, but buying through them will not cost you any more. 

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