Sometimes there’s not much you can do with a room to make it more fun for the young ones in your household. However, sometimes there’s quite a bit you can do. Children need to play—that’s their “job”, if you will. Playing is a form of learning. So in that sense, the more fun they have, the better.

There’s a time to grow up and learn; but it’s toward the end of childhood. With that in mind, following we’ll briefly explore five things listed by thepropertybuyingcompany that you can do to simultaneously maintain the value of the property where you’ve got children, and make their room a lot more fun. In addition, if you need loans for the renovation of your kids’ rooms or other real estate projects, then you might want to consider applying for rehab loans or maybe even for a DSCR mortgage loan if you need more financial support. 

Flooring: Get Rid Of The Carpet, Put Down Something Fanciful

Why do you have carpet where children run around regularly? Unless you’ve got some kaleidoscopic coloration that hides stains, you’re asking for trouble. Here’s a better idea: get a fun pattern of wood, tile, or Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) in the young ones’ room. Rocky Mountain Forest Products’ Colorado reclaimed wood is also a great option if you’re into eco-friendly materials. You can make fun shapes with these flooring options, and throw rugs atop them for safety. Click here for a consultation with a timber flooring expert from Vida Space.

Paint The Walls A Conglomeration Of “Fun” Colors

This one can be a bit risky if you’re planning on selling the property; but painting over garish colors is easy enough. Still, bright greens, pinks, blues, reds, and yellows can make the children’s room seem a lot more inviting. Also, some of these colors hide stains better. Or, you might have a blank wall designed to be drawn on by crayons.

If you put down wallpaper that you intend on removing later, and make it clear that such spots are the only ones where children are allowed to color the walls, they’ll have fun, you’ll save yourself mess down the line, and everybody wins, Just remove the wallpaper when you move. If you let them draw directly on the walls, just paint over it when you renovate prior selling.

Commemorate Your Four-Footed Family For The Little Ones

Why not get a portrait done of a favorite pet? You can have it stylistically put together by real artists and framed as though it is some piece of high-production out of a bygone classic era. Or, you can give it a surrealistic, child-like feel. Whatever fits your imagination, and the kids’ preferences, you can find it—explore modern options by visiting Instapainting.

For Older Children: Black Lights, Aquariums And Terrariums

Black lights are a lot of fun for adults, and younger children love them; but there are some danger issues with children who aren’t yet old enough to be responsible. Still, different children have different levels of trust with which you can ascribe them. So a black light could be fine for your young ones; but it’ll be better for children aged ten and up. Consult with a remodeling company for their expert advice.

The same is true of aquariums and terrariums. These are expensive and can be messy—especially with younger children. But they can also teach responsibility as the young ones learn to clean the tanks at intervals, and keep pets alive inside. A terrarium is a fine place to keep frogs, turtles, reptiles, or even fish if it has multiple biomes. You can even go the DIY route.

Bunk Beds And Improvised Design

Bunk beds can be made into a slide with a little imagination and some creative design. The top bed can be a bunk, the bottom bed a workstation or an area for play.

Beds can be designed in an “L” shape, you can have a board at an angle from one to the other, and put a cushioned mat like you’d find at a gym on it for a slide. There’s a lot of bunk bed improvisation potential to explore.

Spicing Up The Room For The Little Ones
Whether improvising bunk beds, installing black lights, playing with aquariums, designing terrariums, commemorating four-footed family members, painting the walls, or installing hard floors with whimsical designs, there are a lot of things you can do to jazz up the children’s bedroom and maintain property value. Be imaginative, and have fun!


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