Mothers Of Change is a website that is run and maintained by a group of mothers with a vision of improving maternity care for mothers and babies in Canada. While their vision is specific to the women of Canada, their thoughts and insights are relevant to every birthing mother/child dyad and I spent a lot of time on their blog during the final days of my pregnancy, reading everything I could.

Mothers of Change see their mission simply as one of providing education and information to expectant and new mothers and everyone else involved in the business of childbirth and to research and facilitate communication about mother’s experiences of maternity care.

In the run up to my final weeks of pregnancy, I really found valuable information in the pages of Mothers of Change – for example on placentophagy,  and decided to keep our baby’s placenta for encapsulation while blog writer Melissa wrote a very informative piece on what exactly the placenta is and does.

While you could be led to believe that this would be a really heavy blog to follow, with lots of information  overload, it really isn’t. Rather than rewriting the book of birth, they often link to other bloggers who have written fantastic articles, or they point you in the direction of new research or findings. Sometimes their posts are just an image.

During Ameli’s birth, the only thing that went ‘wrong’ was that her umbilical cord was clamped way too soon. This can lead to jaundice as the body doesn’t receive all the blood from the umbilical cord – the baby’s lifeline, after all. This time I’m much more prepared and have every intention of keeping the cord intact until it stops pulsing.  Asheyat, the lady in charge of Mothers of Change, has written a very interesting and informative post on leaving the cord intact, and how to advocate for yourself in doing so.

I could keep you here all day linking to posts that I found useful and informative these last few weeks, but I will let you go – hopefully you’ll spend a bit of time on the Mothers of Change website, support them, like them and learn from them!

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Friday Features: “Mothers of Change”

  1. Thank you for your review of our site!! I am so glad to hear that what we had to say was helpful, and a good balance of informative and yet readable. =D Hooray! This made my day, thank you!

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