I’m actually running two weeks behind here at the moment, but the best bit of excuse I can offer is: look at what we’ve been up to and how busy we’ve been! I’ll catch up at some point, I’m sure!

Day 205 – Farmyard Cookies

I love helping my girls achieve life skills through simple play. Rolling out cookie dough, for example… a real necessary skill 😉 but they had fun making and eating.

Day 206 – Last Children in the Woods

Well, they’re not, clearly, but I do love our alternate Thursday play group. Ameli heads off into the woods and runs around and has fun. I let her just ‘go’ there.  It’s an enclosed woodland area, the stream is dry and the kids can just be free-range. I love, love, love it.

Day 207  & Day 208 – Nozstock

We had a lovely weekend at Nozstock Festival. Such a fabulous weekend for family friendly festival fun.

Day 209 – Camping At Home

We left Nozstock and Ameli was quite unhappy to not be camping anymore, so we set up a tent in her room for her. That hit the spot!

Day 210 – Dinosaurs

Our Dinosaur week has started, and we are reading dino books and making dino playdough and all sorts. With two little girls, I’m eager to see how this week will pan out!

Day 211 – Boredom Busting Summer

We were invited to Sainsbury’s launch of their new Boredom Busting book, and had a simply fantastic day out. I still need to write about it, but alas, time is not on my side!

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