I’m fairly useless when it comes to the names of celebrities. I’m always like, ‘Oh, it’s the guy who played in that movie where the world was going to end and he was one of the guys that saved the planet?” – Yeah, I really know how to narrow it down 😉

I’m always interested in the way children view the world. Like when my daughter drew her father as Jack Sprat and me as that wife. You know, the one who “could eat no lean”? Thanks for that, kiddo.

But looking at children’s drawings can be really enlightening. It can show what they value, it can show how they see the world around them and it can be a valuable insight into their minds. Kids Celebrity Quiz

Or, it can just be fun!

I came across this quiz where children had drawn a variety of celebrities, and their parents had to figure out who they had drawn. I got 4 out of 9 but there was a fair amount of guesswork involved. Once I knew the answers, I could actually see the prominent features that I probably should have noticed first. Maybe then I’d have had more right! I could give you examples, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

The quiz contains nine images drawn by preschoolers and each image has four celebrity names under it. You click on the name you think is right, and if it is the grey line turns green, and if you’re wrong it goes black with the right answer going green.

It’s cute though and fun to do with the children too. See how many you can guess!

Have a look at the celebrity quiz here and tell us how many you got right?


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Can You Identify Celebrities As Drawn By Children?

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