Summer may be over for most people, but here in my little Island home I have to admit that September is probably my favourite month. The tourists have all returned to their lives, and this year, hopefully, some normality, the schools have all gone back, and the beaches are quiet again, but the sun is still shining. This is the best month to be a home educator because we get to enjoy the best of the weather in the most beautiful places and we don’t even have to share them. Wherever you are, however,  if you can snatch the last warm afternoons of the year, I have a little something I’d like to introduce you to – BIOplastic sugarcane beach toys. 

We can’t be the only family who’ve left for the beach with a full set of beach toys, only to return home with not much of it left? And on the converse, we went through a phase where our entire beach box was full of things we’d found on the beach after everyone else had left for the day. Buckets, spades, castle shapes, watering cans and even a really sturdy fishing net! It really bothers me because nine times out of ten, I bet the tide comes in, and the left over plastic toys get pulled into the ocean to join the sea of plastic destroying our wildlife and our world.

As we know, the amount of waste left on the beach can harm the environment and us too. It’s disheartening to see plastic beach toys left behind or washed away by the tide, contributing to the ever-growing sea of plastic pollution that threatens wildlife and our planet. However, there is a solution at hand to responsibly manage waste. Not just BIOplastic sugarcane beach toys, you can hire dumpster rentals from here, ensuring that all the waste generated during your beach trips or any other activities is properly collected, managed, and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Taking this step not only keeps our beaches clean and safe but also helps us play our part in protecting the natural beauty of our surroundings and preserving it for generations to come.

BIOplastic Sugarcane

Enter BIOplastic sugarcane beach toys from Dantoy. This range of bioplastic products is made in Denmark from at least 90% sustainable, raw sugarcane, making it 100% recyclable and that includes the packaging – well I’m not sure about the two cable-ties, but that’s not bad going for a whole box of goodies. Apparently, though I’m not sure why you’d want to test it, the products are safe for contact with food, and can even go in the microwave or dishwasher if you so wish. It’s frost-proof, so isn’t likely to shatter if you forget it outside in the winter, and it’s sustainable, since sugar cane regrows in 6 – 12 months.

BIOplastic Sugarcane

The set contains a fork, spade, bucket and watering can and they are lovely to use. They are smooth to touch and are peaceful colours too. I did find that we still had the full set by the end of summer, so I suppose the £18 or so price tag did mean I made sure that it was kept close by and looked after, which is inadvertently good for the ocean too.

At the end of your beach day you’re supposed to rinse the products off as sea water will, eventually, cause them to begin degrading, which is what you want, but perhaps only after a few years of play. 

The kids enjoyed these BIOplastic sugarcane beach toys as much as they do other beach toys, and I did think they made a great starting point for a conversation on sustainability and plastic consumption, which was great – we have to introduce the kids to these things early on, if we want them to care about our world later! And a little bit of mindfulness on the beach can go a long way to making for a better day too.

Dantoy’s BIOPlastic Beach Toys can be found at many retailers, among them Amazon, but we were sent these to review – views are my own, smiley faces are the children’s!

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