Pic Of The Week – Week 43 – The Post Office

Wow – the last time I posted our pic of the week was in September! I can’t believe a whole month has passed. You should know, however, that in that month, I’ve ‘owned’ three different computers. My laptop met the floor in a toddler induced incident, so there was nothing for it but to buy another – which lasted 9 days before blue screening on me, and being replaced by the one I’m using right now…. nine days ago.

As a result I’ve had a lot of time ‘catching up’ with technology, and losing a lot of data – primarily as I don’t have the £80 they want to get everything off my old laptop for me!Read more: Pic Of The Week – Week 43 – The Post Office

Pic Of The Week 38 – Yummy Curry

I’ve never been a curry fan. I’ve only ever once eaten food at an Indian restaurant. I just don’t like it. The same can be said for spicy things. I love Thai food, but not if it’s spicy. Black pepper is as hot as I go. Then I fell pregnant with Ameli and when I finally could eat again, around 20 weeks, I started wanting chilli flakes on everything. I mean, I even put it on my omelettes! After Ameli’s birth, my food preferences went more or less back to ‘normal’ with the exception that I now quite like slightly spicy food.
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Pic Of The Week 37 – Moments

I’ve called this collage of pictures ‘Moments’ because that’s what each of them  represents to me: the moments where my family see, love and treasure Ameli. Those ‘last’ moments. The ‘goodbye’ moments. Bittersweet, but beautiful.


Top Left: Ameli gives (my) Granny a cuddle Top Right: Ameli and my dad at t Bikini Beach in Gordon’s Bay Centre Left: Ameli drives a London Bus in the games arcade – one of her favourite things to do in Pretoria Centre Left: Ameli and Deshaine, my sister, at the playground in Menlyn. Precious moments, building memories  Bottom Left: Back at the games arcade (about £4.50 for a good half an hour’s fun… love it) with my sister and mother, Nanna. Great fun. Bottom Right: Ameli with aunty D again (Deshaine) colouring in… lovely.

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Pic Of The Week – Week 36

This was one of those weeks where really, I need a gallery to show you all the lovely pictures. Instead, however, I’ve picked four out of the bunch to give you a taste.

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Top left: Aunty Deshaine, Granny (maternal grandmother) and Ameli on the beach in Strand, Cape Town, looking at shells and washing them off in the pools.

Top right: Ameli and me in Springbok, Namaqualand, a place in South Africa renown for it’s fields upon fields of blossoming wild flowers each year.

Bottom left: Ameli and Aunty Deshaine doing the ‘make your own’ kids pizza at Papachino’s in Pretoria, South Africa.

Bottom right: Seasoned traveller, Ameli heading towards Cape Town airport with Oupa (my dad) and Nana (my mother), straddling the luggage, bronco-style.

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Pic Of The Week – Week 35

There’s this place in Namibia called Luderitz. We’d never been there before this trip because there’s no real reason to go there and there’s no way through – it’s a three hour trip there, through desert and nothing and a three hour trip back through the same. It’s an incredible trip though and an incredible journey.

Nearby is Agate Be ach, one of the most incredible places I’ve been. It’s a pebble beach, but not pebble like in the UK. Each of the stones are semi-precious, and as it’s in a restricted area, you’re not allowed to remove anything off the beach as it could contain diamonds.

It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen such a high concentration of whole shells in one place.  It was beautiful.


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Pic Of The Week – Week 34

Another week, another bunch of experiences. We returned to Opuwa, a place we lived when I was very young. It was an odd experience, returning to a place I promised myself as a child I’d come back to. I’m glad I did.

The first two pictures are in Etosha Game Reserve. If you’ve ever wanted to experience Africa and it’s wild animals, go there. It’s so dry, you see so many animals just at the waterhole. It’s amazing.

The second row are two of the ‘local’ cultures in Opuwa, and Namibia as a whole.  The Himba people and the Herero people are just two of the groups, a rich culture, also threatened by Westernisation, Aids, alcohol and poverty.

The Lilac Breaster Roller is a bird native to that part of the world, one of my favourites in the world – I was thrilled to see one so close up.

Two pictures of little miss enjoying Africa, and one of our friend Aunty Wilma, dancing with Ameli.

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Pic Of The Week – Week 31

It would be fair to say the last few months have been really difficult in our little family. I guess we all needed a break, so coming to South Affrica, and travelling around with my parents is just what we needed.

Even Ameli is using the time with Oupa and Nana to rest.

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Pic Of The Week – Week 30

Welcome to August! Wow. I know it’s been a mad year in my life, but seriously,where has it gone! That’s why I love doing these picture posts – so I can look back over the year and remember what it entailed.

I’ve missed two weeks, because, well, I was too sick to pick up the camera, but there has been one bonus to that: Ameli has been spending way more time than usual with her daddy.

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